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Moodle LMS: Features and Benefits

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Moodle is one of the oldest and well-renowned LMSs in the market. Since its launch in 2002, it has garnered over 213 million users globally, both at the academic and enterprise levels. Moodle is known for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and feature-richness, making it one of the most used LMS worldwide. Having been in the eLearning space for over two decades and maintaining its popularity and success, it is worth exploring why Moodle is a favorite among users. This article will go over the key features of Moodle and some of its most unique benefits.

SAM Instructional Design Model to Create Effective L&D Training Program

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Creating training and development content that drives measurable results is tricky. It is difficult to design instructionally comprehensive and performance-based eLearning content. Creating effective training content starts with instructional design. Instructional designers use instructional design models to define the activities that will guide the development of training modules. It allows them to communicate the purpose and reason behind a strategy.

6 Learning Technologies that are Revolutionizing eLearning

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Learning technologies have immensely transformed how modern users learn. They have made learning more interactive, impactful, scalable, and accessible. Learning technologies greatly enable both eLearning and face-to-face learning and are thus a valuable addition to L&D departments and educational institutions. This article will look at some of the most innovative learning technologies that influence and improve learning experiences greatly.

8 Steps You Can take to Conduct a Training Needs Analysis

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Developing new employee training is a significant task, but it is often doomed to fail. It is essential to find out if training will help and, if so, what kind of training is needed. Effective training programs consider questions like, who needs training? Who will do the training? What form will the training take? How will knowledge be transferred to the job? How will the training be evaluated? Training needs analysis includes employee and organizational performance issues to determine if training can help. It involves monitoring current performance using observation, interviews, and questionnaires, anticipating future failures, and identifying the type and level of training required.

Mobile Learning Effectiveness: 4 Reasons Why

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Mobile learning has gained massive traction in recent years with all types of learners. Its convenience and efficacy are a combination learners highly appreciate. However, mobile learning effectiveness is not just a given. It takes deliberate design to bring the best out of this medium. This article breaks down why mobile learning is quickly becoming the preferred mode of learning for many and what it gets right.

4 Tips to Enhance Mobile Learning Knowledge Retention

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Mobile devices have become central to modern living. They permeate every aspect of human life, from leisure to learning. This learning takes place in a number of ways, like Google searches, social media content, and through apps specifically dedicated to eLearning. Thus, users today are highly accustomed to gaining information via mobile devices. With mobile learning (or mlearning), businesses and educational institutions can leverage a widely accessible, just-in-time learning approach to diversify learning offerings and enhance learning outcomes. This article will look at several strategies you can use to ensure mobile learning knowledge retention.

Mobile Learning for Innovation: 2 Case Studies

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Mobile learning for Innovation has taken the world by storm in recent years, with industries and the education sector cashing in on its many benefits. Mobile learning has something to offer to all learner groups, from remote learners pursuing education to office employees with busy schedules. The rich features modern mobile phones offer make them incredibly versatile learning devices that can support numerous learning needs. Are you curious about how organizations and educational institutions put mobile learning to use? Read on to explore 2 mobile learning for Innovation case studies that showcase its use in education and corporate learning.

5 Strategies for Effective Mobile Learning

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Creating effective mobile learning courses requires the use of deliberate tools and strategies that maximize the efficiency of knowledge acquisition. Figures suggest that mobile learning is extremely popular today – accessing training on mobile devices is essential for 64% of learners (Source: Towards Maturity). It has also been shown to increase business improvement and productivity by 55% and 43%, respectively (Source: Gitnux). Hence, whether you are a business that has already adopted mobile learning or are in the process of doing so, the 5 strategies for effective mobile learning mentioned in this article will help you upgrade your courses for impactful learning.

The Application of Mobile Learning in 4 Major Industries

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The adoption and application of mobile learning has been slow and steady across industries. Mobile learning as a training solution has gradually taken shape over a decade and a half. But with research and innovation, along with the rise of remote work and the gig economy, mobile learning has now become incredibly popular. Today, mobile learning has evolved to bring quick, actionable knowledge and skills to learners’ fingertips, making it a favorite among users. This article will look at the application of mobile learning in 4 major industries to see how each of them leverages the medium.

9 Guidelines Instructional Designers Must Follow Before Designing Sales and Marketing Training Module

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Have you ever wanted to use custom eLearning development programs to provide comprehensive and customized sales and marketing training to your employees so that you can improve employee engagement?