This case study is about an independent educational firm that converted accredited sleep and wellness training content into interactive eLearning courses for adult learners.

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Client Testimonial

About the Client

The client is an independent educational firm that offers formal training and awareness programs regarding sleep and wellness. They cater to various learner groups which include the general public, corporate employees, and healthcare professionals and students.

Their expertise in sleep and wellness runs deep and is backed by years of research and experience with the subject matter. They are a part of the education arm of a leading sleep-health center that studies and treats sleep-related disorders.

The client offers a wide range of self-paced, blended, and instructor-led courses and sessions to their customer base. Their professional courses are accredited by authoritative bodies in the sleep and wellness field, making their learners eligible for taking license exams after successfully completing our client’s training programs.

The Relationship

We first worked with the client on a very short nanolearning project in which we converted a small PowerPoint presentation they provided into an engaging e-learning experience.

They were pleased with the quality of the work and the quick turnaround time of a few days and came back with a longer project.

Due to the technicality and specificity of the content, we worked with the client closely to make sure we were doing the content justice and understanding the main essence of all the information as well as possible. In return, we offered them various solutions for simplifying/making the base training material more dynamic and consumable.

The client was extremely satisfied with the end product, quick turnaround, and collaborative work and has expressed the desire to continue working with us on future projects. We have designed and developed 24 courses for the client.

The Client’s Requirement

The client wanted us to turn their extensive training content on sleep and wellness into engaging e-learning modules for the different learner groups they cater to.

Learning Everest was required to handle everything from instructional designing to e-learning development. The client wanted us to apply the appropriate instructional strategies to their learning materials so they would become easier to understand, consume, and retain for their learners. They were also open to suggestions regarding the kind of content they were using and were willing to actively incorporate them.

The Solution

Based on the nature of the content and the client’s requirements and budget, courses with level 2 interactivities were deemed appropriate.

Most of the interactions were centered around click-and-reveal functionalities accompanied by a human voiceover.

The learners could freely visit most topics covered in the course as there were no sub-menus. However, for critical sections, interlocks were added to ensure that the learner does not miss important information.

Given the subject matter of the courses, the visual design elements were carefully chosen to create overall aesthetic harmony. This harmony, in turn, served as an engagement strategy. The color scheme, images, and shapes used corresponded to the themes of sleep and wellness. The overall atmosphere of the course was, thus, calming and tranquil. This atmospheric element made the courses a unique learning experience.

Each course had an objective-type assessment in the end with a minimum score to pass. Without meeting this requirement, the LMS would not register the course as completed and the learner would need to take it again.

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