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Instructional Design Training and Certification Course

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Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Master Instructional Design with Our Certification Course!

Our comprehensive Instructional Design Training and Certification Course equips you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Craft immersive and interactive learning modules.
  • Apply adult learning principles for effective knowledge transfer.
  • Utilize cutting-edge learning technologies to engage your audience.
  • Become a certified instructional designer and launch your career in the in-demand field of learning and development.

Whether you’re a seasoned training professional or a passionate newcomer, this Instructional Design Certification provides the essential foundation and industry-recognized certification to elevate your instructional design skills and make a real impact on learners globally.

Return On Your Investment

4 days of your salary

That is what it should take to recover the investment on your training.

What You Will Learn

  • Go beyond theory and put your learning into action by applying instructional design models like the ADDIE model and learning theories to real-world training scenarios.
  • Master needs assessment techniques to clearly define your audience’s learning needs and craft targeted training initiatives.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and application by identifying desired behavioral outcomes, crafting measurable learning objectives, and developing engaging content aligned with your course design.
  • Explore innovative approaches like design thinking and rapid prototyping to streamline your course development and test out ideas quickly.
  • Become a well-rounded instructional designer by learning how to effectively evaluate your courses and interpret the results to continuously improve your learning experiences.
  • Chart your own path by assessing your current knowledge and skills, identifying areas for growth, and developing a personalized plan for continued learning in the dynamic field of instructional design.
  • Hands-on practice and real-world application to ensure you graduate with the confidence and competence to excel as an instructional designer.

This Certification Course Includes

  • Certification
  • 10 hours of Live Online Training (5 Sessions of 2 hours each)
  • Live interaction with the facilitator
  • Doubt clearing
  • Resources (Facilitators Deck, 6 months access to additional eLearning course)
  • Assessments

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University of Pittsburgh
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County of San Diego Sheriff Department
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Broad Institute
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The Academy for sleep and wellness
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Who Should Attend

This Instructional Design Training and Certification Course is ideal for:

  • Novice Instructional Designers: Gain a solid foundation in instructional design principles and best practices to jumpstart your career in the field.
  • Experienced Trainers and Facilitators: Transition from delivering training to designing effective and engaging learning experiences.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): Gain the skills to transform your content knowledge into impactful learning materials.
  • L&D Professionals: Enhance your expertise and create training solutions that address organizational needs and drive measurable results.
  • Career Changers: Explore a new path in the growing field of learning and development, bringing your existing skills and passions into a fulfilling role.

If you’re passionate about helping others learn and grow, this course will provide you with the essential tools, techniques, and certification to succeed as an instructional designer.


Nidhi A Gupta

Nidhi A Gupta | Founder & COO

With an experience of over 20 years, she specializes in Adult Learning, Teaching, eLearning, Instructional Designing and Digital Marketing. Her educational background equips her with a deep understanding of human psychology, which she utilizes to effectively guide teams towards crafting learning interventions that are engaging, effective and immersive, resulting in higher ROI for the training interventions. She, as a COO, plays an active role in the business strategy and operations.

Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta | Founder & CEO

A seasoned professional with over 27 years of Senior Level experience with metal & steel, FMCG, consumer durables, food & beverages, and automotive with expertise in Learning and Development, Continuous Improvement, TPM, Lean Six Sigma, Business Excellence, and Operations. He has been at the helm of the company’s business operations since its inception.

Course Info

The formal live online instructor-led training would be for 10 hours (5 sessions of 2 hours each), but to make the best advantage of the course, you can expect a minimum of 14 hours of your time commitment (including time to complete assignments).

Each 2 hours session will be from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm EST/EDT on the scheduled dates.

The training sessions are hosted via MS Teams. Kindly ensure MS Teams is installed on your device as the platform for attending these sessions.

During the sessions, the participants are encouraged to ask questions using the chat feature. The faculty will oversee the questions and provide appropriate explanation.

Following each session, participants will receive assignments aimed at applying the skills acquired during the training. In case, you face any challenge or you have doubts in completing the assignment, you can reach out to the faculty through email and we will try to help in all possible ways.

Video recording will be available after the session for a period of 2 month following the completion of the course.


  • Why develop e-learning?
  • E-learning content
  • Types of e-learning content
  • Online facilitation and social interaction
  • Blended (face-to-face and online) learning
  • Mobile learning and microlearning solutions

What is needed to develop e-learning? 

  • The activities
  • The team
  • The technology

Analyzing learning needs 

  • The Need for training
  • Learner analysis- VAK Model
  • What should the course cover?

Organizing your content 

  • Defining Learning objectives using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Defining the course sequence

Defining delivery, instructional, and evaluation methods

  • How to deliver the learning?
  • Defining Instructional methods
  • Defining the Evaluation strategy
    • Formative Evaluation
    • Summative Evaluation- Kirkpatrick’s model
  • Certifying competencies with digital badges

The process of content development

  • How subject matter experts contribute to e-learning development
  • Tips for content development
  • Creating the storyboard

Using instructional techniques for content development

  • Presenting different types of content
  • Using examples to improve learning
  • Developing practice and assessment tests
  • Using media elements
  • Using instructional approaches

Courseware development 

  • What does courseware development involve?
  • Authoring tools
  • Authoring tools for mobile learning
  • Selecting an authoring tool

Delivering an online facilitated course 

  • The facilitation team
  • Preparing the online course
  • Online course components
  • Using communication and collaboration tools for e-learning

Learning platforms 

  • What are learning platforms?
  • Proprietary vs. open-source Learning Management Systems (LMSs)
  • Moodle and other open-source LMS solutions
  • How to choose the most effective learning platform?

The training sessions cater to all skill levels. No prior experience of  Instructional Designing is required.

During the first session, participants will receive perpetual access to our Instructional Design Reference Guide, which contains session notes, and practice exercises.

Links to view the full 2-hour session recordings will be shared following each live session, and participants will have access to view the recordings for 2 months following the completion of the course.

In order to have a close interaction with the participants, the batch size for this program has been restricted to a maximum of 30 (Thirty).

Certificate of Completion will be provided via email following the completion of the course.

Training Programs eLearning Starter Bundle
$1845 ($1095)
eLearning Pro Bundle
$2555 ($1455)

eLearning Mastery Bundle
$3835 ($2095)

Online Articulate Storyline 360 Basic Training Included Included Included
Online Articulate Storyline 360 Advance Training Included Included Included
Online Articulate Rise Training Included Included
Online Instructional Design Training Included
Hours of Training 12 Hours 16 Hours 26 Hours
Savings $750 $1100 $1740
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  • 100% refund if Learning Everest cancels a course for any reason. Please note that refunds are for registration fees only.
  • If you are unavailable to attend the program, inform us at least 3 days before the course start date and will accomodate you in another batch
  • No refund if you are unable to attend the program.

If the training experience doesn’t meet your expectations, kindly inform us within three days of the start of the session, and we’ll strive to fulfill them.

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eLearning Starter Bundle

eLearning Starter Bundle

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eLearning Pro Bundle

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eLearning Mastery Bundle

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