What is Content Development?

The content of a course makes or breaks it. Content development is the process of creating relevant training content for courses. To be effective, learning content needs to be precise, both in structure and the topics covered. Such content is developed in an organized manner, where the audience and needs are first identified, and then the training content is visualized and developed, keeping the objectives and target learners in mind.

Impactful content development emphasizes the learning objectives to ensure that the business and the learners truly benefit from the training material. Ideally, content is best developed by in-house SMEs. However, it is an intensive process requiring time, resources, and manpower.

In such cases, businesses can outsource content development to an experienced vendor with the necessary industry knowledge and skill set to craft content for their learners.

Key Considerations while engaging a Content Development Partner

When engaging a content development partner, the vendor’s experience will determine the quality of their process and deliverables. Typically, a company with a team of industry experts who have years of learning and talent development experience will be better equipped to address your needs and will follow all the steps necessary to develop compelling content. You will also need to consider the vendor’s experience working with the specific sector you belong to.

It is also necessary to consider how collaborative the eLearning vendor is. Content development is an intensive and iterative process. A collaborative vendor will take the time to understand your business or institutional goals, learning objectives, and learners. Furthermore, they will involve you in the content development process to keep you updated on how the project progresses. By doing so, all necessary changes and adjustments will be made before delivery, ensuring high quality and alignment.

Make sure to partner with a content provider that has qualified technical writers who are familiar with the ins and outs of developing meaningful content that produces tangible benefits.

Key Considerations while engaging a Content Development Partner

Learning Everest’s Approach to Content Development

At Learning Everest, we are committed to giving our clients high-quality content development solutions for their needs, goals, and budget.

Learning Everest’s Approach to Content Development

Our content development services are guided by instructional design models and adult learning principles to create impactful training content that meets learning objectives.

Our content development process is iterative. We run the content through multiple revisions before settling on the final draft to ensure that the sequence of learning and the quality of information are up to the mark.

Why Choose Us?

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Our team at Learning Everest has experience spanning years, disciplines, and industries. We understand the challenges and requirements of various sectors and can effectively cater to the needs our clients come to us with.

Consistent Communication Loops

Consistent Communication Loops

We involve our clients at each step of the content development process by giving them consistent updates and information about the project’s progress. With the help of client feedback and suggestions, we refine our deliverables to fulfill the vision they came to us with.

Quick Development Cycles

Quick Development Cycles

We follow a lean and agile content development approach to get deliverables to clients as quickly as possible. We promise a quick turnover without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Outsourcing Content Development

Outsourcing content development lowers the cost of training by eliminating the need for the business to hire or pay extra for the project. Businesses save costs on skill development, asset development, and salaries. An outsourced vendor already has the relevant know-how and skill set needed for such a project.

Outsourced content development also saves businesses time as they don’t have to wait to upskill their existing human capital. This allows them to train employees on high-priority topics faster, keeping them up to date on market trends. Additionally, content providers already have established processes for content development, making their delivery time faster.

Content development vendors have immense experience and well-defined protocols for projects. Thus, they can guarantee high-quality deliverables that follow strict curriculum standards.

By outsourcing content development, businesses can focus on their core processes without having to allot material and human capital elsewhere. By doing so, businesses can continue focusing on their core strengths to maintain the momentum of their growth.

Content development outsourcing gives businesses access to diverse talent and perspectives that they might not have come across within their own company. Thus, outsourced content exposes learners to new perspectives and ways of thinking, broadening their creativity and knowledge.

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