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8 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Training and Development

2024-07-08T18:21:49+05:30Categories: eLearning, Gamification of Learning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs|

How do you measure the impact of your training and development initiatives at your organization? Here, we will explore 8 key performance indicators (KPIs) for training and development that can transform how you assess, refine and value your training strategies.

The Importance of Gamification in Education Technology

2024-07-18T11:39:58+05:30Categories: eLearning, Gamification of Learning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs|

Gamification improves learning by adding game design elements into a non-game setting. This is done with the purpose of making education rewarding, fun, and interactive for the learners. Gamification is applied to the learning process and how lessons are taught. Today, we are going to learn about the benefits of gamification in education technology to create effective learning experiences.

6 Characteristics That Define Asynchronous Learning

2024-05-31T21:49:25+05:30Categories: eLearning, Gamification of Learning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives, Onboarding Training|

Learning delivery can be thought of as a spectrum ranging from synchronous to asynchronous. While synchronous learning is delivered in real-time by an instructor, learners access asynchronous learning on their own time. Adult learners with busy schedules and multiple responsibilities especially appreciate asynchronous learning, making it a popular training format for many programs for adult audiences. This article will explore 6 characteristics that define asynchronous learning to better understand its appeal and benefits.

5 Game Mechanics to Use in eLearning with Gamification Examples

2024-04-15T11:04:19+05:30Categories: eLearning, Gamification of Learning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives, Onboarding Training|

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and elements in a non-game environment. This strategy makes digital experiences more exciting and engaging. One area where gamification is used commonly is eLearning.

7 Trends in New Age Corporate Training Programs

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Studies have shown that using different types of learning techniques improves an individual’s engagement with the topic, retention of information, and overall satisfaction. Offering a variety of content, delivery methods, and further resources makes the learning experience richer and ensures the best possible outcome. Examples include supporting a face-to-face training program with e-learning modules, mobile learning sets, or discussion forums. Emerging new modes like AI, AR/VR, and gaming are adding flavors to blended learning techniques.

SAM Instructional Design Model to Create Effective L&D Training Program

2024-03-01T15:43:59+05:30Categories: eLearning, Gamification of Learning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, Scenario Based Learning|

Creating training and development content that drives measurable results is tricky. It is difficult to design instructionally comprehensive and performance-based eLearning content. Creating effective training content starts with instructional design. Instructional designers use instructional design models to define the activities that will guide the development of training modules. It allows them to communicate the purpose and reason behind a strategy.

6 Learning Technologies that are Revolutionizing eLearning

2024-04-03T13:22:31+05:30Categories: eLearning, Gamification of Learning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, Scenario Based Learning|

Learning technologies have immensely transformed how modern users learn. They have made learning more interactive, impactful, scalable, and accessible. Learning technologies greatly enable both eLearning and face-to-face learning and are thus a valuable addition to L&D departments and educational institutions. This article will look at some of the most innovative learning technologies that influence and improve learning experiences greatly.

Why You Need to Deploy Vicarious Learning Theories in Workplace Training

2024-03-01T16:09:41+05:30Categories: eLearning, Gamification of Learning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives, Scenario Based Learning|

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube to learn how to do something? Although not everyone is familiar with it by name, we all have experience with vicarious learning. Learning new things by watching others do something. Let’s dive in!

6 Examples of Gamification in eLearning training programs

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Gamification in eLearning programs is fast emerging as an effective technique to engage learners. 71% of employees believe that gamification leads to an increase in energy levels, and 66% of employees say that gamification at work reduces their stress levels (eLearning Industry, 2020). It has found its place for meeting specified learning outcomes. In this article, we will share six examples of how you can create immersive learning and development experiences using gamification for varied training needs like induction and onboarding, professional skills enhancement training, compliance training, soft skills enhancement training, and behavioral change programs. But, first and foremost, why do we need gamification in eLearning programs?

4 tips for effective microlearning gamification

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Microlearning gamification is an e-learning strategy that combines two of the most engaging learning techniques that exist today. The purpose of this approach is to increase learners’ intrinsic motivation for topics that might potentially lie outside their interest areas. In a gamified microlearning course, game elements such as missions, challenges, and rewards are added to the learning process and delivered in bite-sized chunks. The combination of short, focused, and engaging learning in turn improves learner retention and propels personal and organizational growth. Continue reading to find out 4 tips for building effective microlearning gamification modules.