What is Custom eLearning Development?

Custom eLearning Development is a quick and inexpensive solution for organizations and institutions that want to bring the best learning materials to their learners as fast as possible. The method uses rapid authoring tools and a lean methodology to save time and money and shorten development cycles.

Custom eLearning development can have a short turnaround time of as little as 2-3 weeks by reducing development time by as much as 40%.

Despite being an accelerated process, rapid eLearning does not compromise on the quality of the learning they offer. Custom eLearning development is designed using instructional design principles and frameworks with the goal of meeting all learning objectives effectively.

Custom eLearning development enables businesses and institutions to train their learners quicker, allowing them to reap the benefits of learning as soon as possible.

Key Considerations while engaging a Custom eLearning Development Partner

It is important that your Custom eLearning development vendor has an experienced team of professionals. An eLearning partner who has worked with diverse industries and projects will have the appropriate skill set to understand and fulfill your needs.  They will have the know-how to offer you holistic solutions for your budget and requirements.

Custom eLearning development requires a range of authoring and content development tools that can create high-quality assets and courses quickly. An eLearning vendor that uses rapid authoring and content development tools will have an easier time creating and delivering rich and interactive projects within the stipulated timeline.

You will also need to consider the range of services your content provider offers. This mainly concerns the ratio of content you will need to provide, the content they will develop themselves, and the content that will need to be outsourced. Typically, a content provider that can effectively work with and tweak the content you provide using their in-house services will be able to ensure a faster turn-around. The lesser outsourcing needed on either ends, the better.

Another essential consideration is the level of collaboration in the development process. A vendor with well-defined protocols, mechanisms, and tools for collaboration will be able to give you more consistent updates about the project. This enables timely feedback loops so all necessary changes and decisions can be made during development itself.

Lastly, it is wise to pick an eLearning vendor that can provide support post-delivery if the need ever arises. In other words, a client-centric service provider. This way, businesses can ensure that their eLearning solutions don’t end up becoming unusable when running into a hitch.

Key Considerations while engaging a Custom eLearning Development Partner

Learning Everest’s Approach to Custom eLearning Development

Learning Everest’s Approach to Rapid eLearning Development

We design and develop highly interactive custom eLearning courses that will never bore your learners. Our courses prioritize providing a positive and interesting learning experience so that learners can get the most out of the program.

We use tried and tested instructional design and learning principles and tools to keep learners engaged throughout the learning process. With strategies like gamification, scenario-based learning, case studies, and more, we make learning personally relevant for learners to keep them engaged.

We create custom eLearning courses that learners can connect with. By establishing a connection with learners, our deliverables are able to create an impact and drive meaningful change.

We use rapid authoring tools that can create responsive eLearning courses without much hassle, allowing our clients to offer them to a wider audience without extending timelines.

Our custom eLearning courses are compatible with SCORM, cmi5, and xAPI, making them highly scalable.

Why Choose Us?

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Our team at Learning Everest has experience spanning years, disciplines, and industries. We understand the challenges and requirements of various sectors and can effectively cater to the needs our clients come to us with.

Consistent Communication Loops

Consistent Communication Loops

We involve our clients at each step of the custom eLearning development process by giving them consistent updates and information about the project’s progress. With the help of client feedback and suggestions, we refine our deliverables in real-time to ensure timely delivery.

The Use of the Latest Tools

The Use of the Latest Tools

We use an assortment of the latest tools to develop our storyboards, instructional materials, and eLearning courses. These include office tools, graphic design programs, photo and video editing software, and the Articulate suite.  By combining the strengths and functionalities of these tools, we create rich deliverables in short timeframes without needing to outsource asset development.

Benefits Custom eLearning Development

With custom eLearning development, businesses are able to deliver new knowledge and skills to their employees quickly. It enables organizations to build a highly skilled and competent workforce that is up-to-date with industry trends, standards, and demands.

Custom eLearning courses are more engaging than traditional classroom-based training. They utilize visual design, interactive tools, and adult learning principles to create captivating learning experiences that appeal to learners. Due to their higher learner engagement, they also facilitate better retention of training content.

Custom eLearning development allows organizations to swiftly deliver training programs to their workforce. This gives them the adaptability to adjust to the changing demands of the industry. Thus, with custom eLearning development, businesses gain a competitive edge over the rest of the industry by upskilling their workforce as soon as the need arises.

Custom eLearning development follows shorter development cycles and uses an agile methodology that maximized efficiency. With the help of rapid authoring tools, reused assets, and streamlined workflows, it reduces training costs considerably by saving time and resources.

Rapid authoring tools support the creation of responsive and mobile-first courses that are optimized for consumption on mobile devices. Thus, with Custom eLearning courses, you can provide your learners with anytime, anywhere learning that is compatible with various devices and can be consumed as per convenience.

As mentioned, rapid custom eLearning courses reuse assets. With custom eLearning courses, businesses can maintain consistent branding across their training programs to give learners a uniform learning experience, as well as maintain their brand’s identity across branches and locations.

Custom eLearning courses are highly scalable due to being SCORM, xAPI, and cmi5 compliant. They can be deployed on your company’s LMS for easy and quick distribution among learners.

Custom eLearning development also standardizes training content as one course can be delivered to your entire workforce. Thus, it eliminates the need for each department/branch to build their own programs, ensuring that the training content is the same for all learners. This reduces errors, oversights, and risks that might arise from incorrect knowledge.

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