What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning, also known as m-learning, is learning that takes place on a mobile device. It enables learners to access training material whenever and wherever they need to.

Mobile learning facilitates just-in-time learning. With it, learners can gain new information or refresh their memory at the point of need.

Mobile learning is a versatile training approach that can optimize the learning experience with strategies like microlearning, video-based learning, gamification, and quick summarizations of topics. It is more efficient than traditional eLearning, accelerating the pace of learning by almost half in some cases.

With the ubiquity of mobiles, m-learning is an effective training strategy for both older and younger workforces. It also makes learning quicker, more accessible, and scalable, allowing businesses and institutions to train a wider audience without any device constraints.

Key Considerations while engaging a Mobile Learning Course Developement Partner

The most crucial component that will determine the quality of mobile learning solutions a vendor provides will be the company’s experience. A learning partner with a team of professionals with several years of experience working with various industries will be the best. You will also need to consider the vendor’s experience with mobile learning projects, as mobile courses have very different design considerations than desktop-based courses.

It is important to talk to your vendor about the tools they use to develop courses and assets. As mentioned, mobile learning courses have specific requirements. Many elements, such as the UI, interactions, size, units, and types of multimedia, typography, etc., need to be taken into account. Hence, mobile learning development requires the latest tools that can produce mobile-optimized deliverables.

You must also look for a vendor that provides mobile learning solutions that are compatible with multiple mobile and tablet operating systems, especially Android and iOS. If you have learners using Windows and Chrome devices, you’ll have to adjust your requirements and search accordingly.

Designing effective mobile learning courses combines knowledge from various fields, such as design, psychology, pedagogy, and learning and development. A vendor with a multidisciplinary team can provide more holistic solutions that thoroughly address your business’ and learners’ needs.

All mobile learning courses must be tested thoroughly before they go live. It is necessary to ensure the content has no errors and that all functionalities are working as intended. Robust quality assessment ensures that learners get a smooth and seamless learning experience without having to deal with glitches, bugs, and inaccurate learning content. Pick a vendor that has a well-structured quality assessment protocol that involves clients at each stage.

Building on the previous consideration, we also recommend you consider how collaborative the mobile learning vendor is. Instructional designing is a multi-phased process and requires consistent back and forth between the client and service provider. A collaborative vendor will keep you updated and be quick to incorporate feedback, changes, and suggestions.

Lastly, it is wise to pick a mobile learning provider that offers support even post-delivery if the need ever arises. In other words, a client-centric service provider. This way, businesses can ensure that their eLearning solutions don’t end up becoming unusable when running into a hitch.

Key Considerations while engaging a Mobile Learning Development Partner

Learning Everest’s Approach to Mobile Learning Course Development

Learning Everest’s Approach to Mobile Learning Course Development

We design all our mobile learning courses keeping learning objectives in mind. The structure, learning strategies, media, and visual design choices are all customized to each module to ensure impactful learning that meets the desired goals. We also incorporate meaningful assessment strategies that help reinforce learning and can aid businesses in analyzing the effectiveness and ROI of courses.

For us, creating an engaging learning experience is a necessity. We understand that the only way to keep learners hooked is to reel their attention in. All our mobile learning courses balance the right mix of consistency and variety to create engaging learning experiences that keep learners from getting distracted.

We design scalable mobile learning solutions that can be accessed on multiple devices. Our mobile learning courses are also optimized for faster loading speeds, smooth interactions, and easy consumption, making them a pleasant learning experience for learners.

Why Choose Us?

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Our team at Learning Everest has experience spanning years, disciplines, and industries. We understand the challenges and requirements of various sectors and can effectively cater to the needs our clients come to us with.

Consistent Communication Loops

Consistent Communication Loops

We involve our clients at each step of the Mobile Learning Course development process by giving them consistent updates and information about the project’s progress. With the help of client feedback and suggestions, we refine our deliverables to fulfill the vision they came to us with.

The Use of the Latest Tools

The Use of the Latest Tools

We use an assortment of the latest tools to develop our mobile learning courses. These include office tools, graphic design and photo and video editing software, and the Articulate suite.  By combining the strengths and functionalities of these tools, we create rich deliverables that are engaging, effective, and meet learning objectives.

Thorough Quality Checks

Thorough Quality Checks

We thoroughly screen our deliverables for quality before the final product is ready to go live. Our mobile learning courses follow strict quality standards to ensure a polished finish and exceptional learning experience.

Benefits of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is a highly accessible and flexible learning format due to the portability of mobile devices. Learners can access these courses as and when they please, enabling them to learn anytime, anywhere. This makes it easier for learners to find the time to learn in their busy schedules.

Mobile learning is compatible with a number of engaging learning strategies, such as gamification, microlearning, video-based learning, etc. Learners get interesting learning experiences as a result, which capture their attention and facilitate knowledge retention.

Due to their high engagement, accessibility, and general convenience, mobile learning courses have higher completion rates. This increases the learning effectiveness and ensures learners gain all the necessary information. Higher completion rates translate to better ROI and improved business performance.

Mobile learning utilizes interactive and engaging learning strategies such as multimedia content, learning activities, game-based learning, and bite-sized modules and topics. This makes learning more digestible and consumable. By leveraging these tools, mobile learning reduces the cognitive load of the learning process and improves knowledge retention.

Mobile eLearning courses are highly scalable due to being SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and cmi5 compliant. They can be deployed on your company’s LMS for easy and quick distribution among learners.

With mobile learning, businesses can provide greater personalization to learners. Mobile learning allows users to personalize their learning pathways by picking training topics they need instead of spending time on content they already know or that doesn’t match their job profiles. Mobile learning offers the flexibility and functionality to equip learners with extensive learning libraries that they can curate their learning pathways from.

Developing mobile learning programs is significantly cheaper and less time-consuming than full-fledged eLearning courses. Thus, apart from the learning benefits it offers, mobile learning also reduces training costs and saves businesses development time so they can deliver training solutions quicker.

Due to the quicker development times and anytime, anywhere learning, mobile learning solutions enable continuous learning. Learners can update their knowledge base and skill set as soon as they have access to new training material without having to jump hoops to make time.

By providing learners with ready access to training material, mobile learning facilitates just-in-time learning and continued performance support. Learners can access any information they need as soon as the need arises, reducing risks and errors and ensuring high performance at work.

With mobile learning platforms, businesses can track and analyze learners’ activity and usage of the platform and individual courses, giving them valuable insights into learner behavior. With this data, learning programs can be refined and improved further to optimize learning experiences as much as possible.

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