This case study is about Standardize Operating Procedures on Articulate Rise for a leading real estate rental firm and how we developing 116 eLearning courses them.

About the Client

The client is a leading real estate rental firm that caters to markets in North America. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they lease high-quality single-family homes and multi-family apartments to their customers. They have also undertaken an ambitious build-to-rent development plan to make accessible housing in well-connected neighborhoods for the middle market, specifically. This dedication to accessible housing, however, is seen across their offerings and is a cornerstone of their mission.

Apart from high-quality housing, they are also devoted to providing an outstanding rental experience to customers that puts their convenience first. To achieve this, they use a technology-enabled customer platform that streamlines business processes and contributes to a smooth customer experience. However, the client also has competent on-the-ground teams so that all bases remain covered.

The client is strongly committed to offering the best experience that they can to their customers and what drives this mission is an empowered workforce well-versed in maintaining and elevating customer satisfaction.
As of 2023, the client serves 21 markets across North America and owns thousands of properties in these markets. Data from 2021 estimates they have $8.2 billion of assets under management.

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The Relationship

We struck a contract with the client and they were specifically looking for a vendor experienced with developing large volumes of eLearning courses within quick timeframes.

They chose Learning Everest because we precisely fit their requirements and had a rich portfolio and experience to back us up. Apart from our expertise and quick turnaround times, we were also offering our services at a competitive price without compromising on the quality of the work.

In the time that we worked together, we designed and developed 116 eLearning modules for the client.

The Client’s Requirement

The client was facing two separate but related challenges:

  • Their standards operating procedures (SOPs) were poorly defined
  • There was no formal and measurable training or induction for employees and SOPs were being distributed as handouts, instead

Poorly defined SOPs led to regional inconsistencies in how processes were carried out. Thus, their various branches were tackling business processes in different manners, which ultimately was affecting business performance and customer experience.

Additionally, due to the lack of formal training, there was no way of tracking whether employees read and understood protocol. Due to the format these SOPs were being delivered in, employees also had lower motivation to check them out.

These two problems combined created compliance issues as procedures were not being carried out as required.

Thus, the client undertook the task of rewriting these SOPs and standardizing them. To make up for the lack of measurable training, they opted for e-learning to educate their employees across branches.

The Solution

Just as the client’s problem had multiple layers to it, the solution also followed various steps and stages. This resulted in a unique and collaborative effort where Learning Everest managed the creation of courses and, in the process, the clients received cohesive modules for their SOPs which leadership and zonal heads then reviewed and edited.

At its core, the solution had three iterative steps:

  • With our instructional design expertise, we first created eLearning courses using the client’s existing content
  • Then, the client internally reviewed and deliberated on this content and refined the SOPs
  • These changes were then integrated into the existing course by us and instructional design strategies were adapted to fit the new content, if needed

The microlearning modules were created on Articulate Rise. We chose this program for a number of reasons:

  • Its scrollable format and responsive design
  • The wide variety of interactivities it offered combined with the vertical orientation
  • Its collaboration-friendly features, especially comments
  • Its structured learning format

A scrollable responsive design would enable learners to take these courses anytime, anywhere. It would also allow them to revisit any module for just-in-time learning whenever the need arose.

The vertical orientation with interactivities also made it perfect for designing courses that are easy to consume and digest while also remaining engaging, an important factor in ensuring knowledge retention and course completion.

As collaboration was a core strategy in this project because the SOPs needed to be standardized, the client could exchange input internally and with Learning Everest regarding important content-related decisions and edits through comments in the review files.

Lastly, it was essential that course completion could be tracked. With Rise, clients could host all these eLearning modules on a compatible LMS, enabling them to measure completion rates. Here, the ability to create learning experiences with a pre-defined path in Rise also came in handy. Learners could only progress to the next section after completing the previous one.

Elements like checklists, timelines, tabs, process steps, click-and-reveal activities, videos, and images were used to keep the learner engaged and ensure they view all the content. The end of each course had a quiz with objective-type questions that learners needed to get a minimum score on to complete the course.

In this way, the client was able to transform and rebuild their compliance training strategy and improve the quality of their services.

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