What is Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)?

Advancements in training and video conferencing software, as well as device capabilities, have made it possible for remote learners to get a classroom experience without being physically present. This form of training is known as virtual instructor led training (VILT), the modern twin of instructor-led training.

With VILT, your business or educational establishment gains access to a wider learner base, making it a win-win situation for everyone. It eliminates barriers to learning such as time zone differences, busy schedules, etc.

VILT is a good fit for most training areas. It is also an excellent way to leverage real-time learner-instructor interaction without requiring either to be physically present.

VILT does not require specialized applications, although the learning experience may change depending on the programs and tools used. Hence, it can take place on common video conferencing applications or via dedicated VILT eLearning platforms.

Key Considerations while engaging a Virtual Instructor Led Training Partner

When engaging a Virtual Instructor Led Training partner, the vendor’s experience will determine the quality of their solutions, services, and deliverables. Typically, a company with a team of industry experts who have years of learning and talent development experience will be better equipped to address your needs. You will also need to consider the vendor’s experience working with the specific sector you belong to.

Virtual Instructor Led Training is resource-intensive. It requires guides, presentations, manuals, handouts, etc., to create comprehensive training kits. Hence, it is necessary to consider the kinds and range of tools your chosen vendor is comfortable using. These tools will influence the ideation and development process. Vendors that use the latest programs and applications will be able to come up with impactful training solutions and execute them within reasonable timeframes.

Developing a VILT program combines knowledge from various fields, such as design, psychology, pedagogy, and learning and development. A vendor with a multidisciplinary team can provide more holistic solutions that thoroughly address your business’ and learners’ needs.

It is also necessary to consider the level of collaboration and support your chosen vendor will provide. Virtual Instructor Led Training development is a multi-phased process and requires consistent back and forth between the client and service provider. A collaborative vendor will keep you updated and be quick to incorporate feedback, changes, and suggestions. Vendor support is necessary to ensure you have all the required tools to execute a Virtual Instructor Led Training program.

Lastly, you should examine the technical resources your business has. Before rolling out a VILT program, it will be imperative to have the right tools and equipment. A vendor with experience will be able to guide you through this process and help you build the appropriate technical capacity for the program you will be undertaking.

Key Considerations while engaging a Virtual Instructor Led Training Partner

Learning Everest’s Approach to Virtual Instructor Led Training

At Learning Everest, we are committed to giving our clients the best VILT solutions for their needs, goals, and budget.

Learning Everest’s Approach to Virtual Instructor Led Training

We design holistic VILT programs that have thorough lectures, ample learning activities, and are full of opportunities for interaction.

We make sure to use instructional design models and learning strategies to create highly engaging VILT programs that feature tried and tested methods to keep learners focused and interested.

We advise our clients on the programs and tools they can use to deliver their Virtual Instructor Led Training programs or tailor our solutions to leverage their existing resources.

Why Choose Us?

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Our team at Learning Everest has experience spanning years, disciplines, and industries. We understand the challenges and requirements of various sectors and can effectively cater to the needs our clients come to us with.

The Use of the Latest Tools

The Use of the Latest Tools

We use an assortment of the latest tools to develop our instructional materials, and courses. These include office tools, graphic design tools, photo and video and editing software.  By combining the strengths and functionalities of these tools, we create rich deliverables that are engaging, effective, and meet learning objectives.

Consistent Communication Loops

Consistent Communication Loops

We involve our clients at each step of the virtual instructor led training design process by giving them consistent updates and information about the project’s progress. With the help of client feedback and suggestions, we refine our deliverables to fulfill the vision they came to us with.

Continued Support

Continued Support

We also provide continued support to our clients throughout the project to help them make important decisions regarding the training, curriculum, instructional strategies, and equipment.

Benefits of Virtual Instructor Led Training

In VILT, learners get to interact with the instructor in real-time. This allows them to clarify doubts immediately and explore training topics deeper. Due to this, VILT enhances learners’ understanding of the subject matter, enabling them to retain it for longer and apply it effectively.

Since VILT takes place synchronously, it creates a highly interactive learning environment where learners can communicate with instructors and peers. This improves participation, engagement, and the flow of ideas among learners.

Learning together helps learners feel a sense of community with their peers and instructors. Learner communities improve collaboration and knowledge sharing and can foster long-lasting partnerships among learners. Such communities are excellent for building networks, sharing ideas, and finding opportunities.

VILT programs are built with specific learning objectives in mind. They are also rich in resources and allow direct interaction with expert trainers. Instructors and learners get to decide which training content they want to focus on more and can allocate more time and resources to them accordingly.

VILT widens the group of learners you can provide training to by circumventing geographical and temporal barriers. Sessions can be scheduled at times that are convenient for learners without disrupting their work or worrying about factors like timings.

VILT saves costs as it eliminates expenditure on travel, accommodation, venues, refreshments, and physical training kits. This creates greater ROI for businesses and enables businesses to allot their resources elsewhere without compromising on training and upskilling.

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