This case study is about an international leader in the design, manufacture, and delivery of aerospace products and solutions and how they converted their Business Excellence courses into Interactive and Engaging eLearning Courses.

About the Client

The client is an international leader in the design, manufacture, and delivery of aerospace products and solutions. They have been in the aerospace industry for the past 50 years and are one of the largest aeronautics companies in Europe.

They deal in commercial aircraft, helicopter, and spacecraft parts and fulfill almost half of all commercial airliner orders.

Innovation, adaptation, and a commitment to fulfilling customer needs are central to the client’s business philosophy. This is reflected in their accomplishments, having spearheaded many firsts in aviation. With the advent of more technological integration in all business spheres, the client is now shifting their focus on incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies into their solutions and offerings. They are making leaps in traffic management, smart routing, connectivity between crew members, fleet management, operations, etc. Through these innovations, they wish to pioneer a new phase of growth in aerospace and aviation and contribute to decarbonization and sustainability efforts.

Apart from Europe, the business has offices and suppliers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. It employs more than 12,000 personnel and has also manufactured over 12,000 aircraft in the time since its establishment.

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Custom eLearning Courses

The Relationship

Learning Everest partnered with the client when it was approached with a project for designing and developing a battery of courses for its internal employees. They were looking for an experienced eLearning partner who could promise a quick turnover within their budget. Learning Everest, with its mission to deliver quality with speed at the lowest price possible, ended up being the ideal choice.

The Client’s Requirement

The client’s requirement was designing and developing a multi-module battery of eLearning courses on the topic of Business Excellence for their employees. The subject matter pertained to an internal SQDCP performance management dashboard implemented as a business excellence intervention to facilitate better inter-department integration and coordination.

They wanted the courses to be engaging in a way that allowed learners to grasp the workings of the dashboard effectively.

The Solution

Learning Everest’s proposed solution was a battery of level 2 eLearning courses led by a fictional facilitator. This facilitator was represented using a human avatar from the Articulate Storyline 360 library along with a human voiceover.

Along with the facilitator and voiceover, the course features simple loading animations for the course content. Features like icons were used to create visual hierarchy and appeal.

Since the client wanted its learners to actively participate in the learning process instead of passively consuming the course, Learning Everest played around with the navigation buttons. The course featured a lot of images from the dashboard they were training learners to use. This image-heavy content provided an opportunity to forego fixed navigation buttons. Instead, the next and previous buttons were placed in different locations on each screen, depending on the orientation of the dashboard images. This made it more likely that the learners would observe the content being offered, instead of falling into a passive “click-next” flow.

To reinforce the learnings, knowledge checks were strategically placed throughout each course.

Overall, the client was happy and satisfied with the solution Learning Everest offered.

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