What is eLearning Gamification?

Human brains are naturally inclined towards problem-solving. This is one of the reasons why games have been a part of human society throughout history.

Banking on this tendency, eLearning gamification is a strategy that introduces game elements and mechanics to non-game activities to make them more stimulating and engaging for the audience.

Some core eLearning gamification elements and mechanics are:

  • Personalization to help users to connect a little more deeply with the activity to facilitate emotional involvement
  • Challenges/problems to solve or an outcome to aim for to increase engagement
  • Rewards and achievements to create a feedback system that provides reinforcements and concrete indicators of progress
  • Time limits and timetables to add temporal structure for organizing tasks or ensuring task completion by creating a sense of urgency
  • Narratives to elicit empathy and relatedness and to present information in a digestible form
  • Micro interactions to bring a sense of involvement and exploration to the activity and further boost feelings of progression

These elements create feedback loops to fuel lasting behavioral changes by activating enhanced focus and attention while performing an otherwise neutral or mundane task.

Key Considerations while engaging an eLearning Gamification Partner

eLearning gamification requires a comprehensive understanding of learner and industry context. When you are picking a vendor for your project, make sure they have the industry knowledge and expertise to deliver a relevant and impactful result.

The specific eLearning tools a vendor uses influences the ideation and development process for the gamified experience. Vendors that use the latest applications and programs are better equipped to come up with engaging gamification solutions and deliver them within reasonable timeframes.

It is also a good practice to look for a vendor that already has a portfolio of existing projects and prototypes. This will allow you to see the kind of deliverables the vendor has already worked on. It will also let you determine if their approach to visual design, functionalities, plots, etc., matches your vision and requirements.

Lastly, you should pick and eLearning gamification partner that can provide post-delivery support if the need ever arises. In other words, a client-centric service provider. This way, businesses can ensure that their gamified modules don’t end up becoming unusable when running into a hitch.

Key Considerations while engaging an eLearning Gamification Partner

Learning Everest’s Approach to eLearning Gamification

At Learning Everest, we are committed to giving our clients the best eLearning gamification solutions for their needs, goals, and budget.

Learning Everest’s Approach to eLearning Gamification

We provide eLearning gamification that makes the learning process fun.

We prioritize learner engagement over everything else to provide a captivating learning journey which learners are wholly invested in.

We push the bounds of what is and isn’t possible in eLearning gamification to come up with solutions that are innovative and novel.

Our gamified courses are compatible with SCORM, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI, making them highly scalable.

Why Choose Us?

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Multidisciplinary Industry Experts

Our team at Learning Everest has experience spanning years, disciplines, and industries. We understand the challenges and requirements of various sectors and can effectively cater to the needs our clients come to us with.

The Use of the Latest Tools

The Use of the Latest Tools

We use an assortment of the latest tools to develop our gamified eLearning projects. These include office tools, graphic design tools, photo and video editing software, and the Articulate suite.  By combining the strengths and functionalities of these tools, we create rich deliverables that are engaging, effective, and meet learning objectives.

Consistent Communication Loops

Consistent Communication Loops

We involve our clients at each step of the eLearning gamification process by giving them consistent updates and information about the project’s progress. With the help of client feedback and suggestions, we refine our deliverables to fulfill the vision they came to us with.

Benefits of eLearning Gamification

eLearning gamification introduces game elements such as quests, points, rewards, and levels to the learning process. In doing so, it makes the learning process enjoyable for learners. Enjoyable learning is also more engaging, making gamified eLearning easier to retain for longer.

Game elements in eLearning leverage learners’ intrinsic motivation for achievement, mastery, and completion. It takes advantage of learners’ internal drive and motivation by creating a goal-oriented learning environment. This ensures that they remain engaged and focused and have a personal stake in participating in the learning journey.

Due to being more engaging and interesting, gamified eLearning leads to higher completion rates. The game mechanics used incentivize the learning process and impel learners to persist through topics and modules to gain a sense of completion and satisfaction.

Gamification makes learning more palatable, making it an excellent approach for more difficult training topics that learners might have mental blocks about. The fun learning environment it creates makes learners more receptive to training material and increases learning effectiveness as a result.

Learners are more focused when participating in gamified eLearning due to its high interactivity and engagement. Increased focus leads to better knowledge retention, enabling learners to recall and apply information in their jobs easily.

Gamification can be used to create meaningful learning environments that reflect the learners’ context through settings, narratives, visuals, etc. This creates practical and relatable learning opportunities that are personally relevant to learners. Hence, gamified eLearning is more impactful, facilitating effective learning.

Custom eLearning courses are highly scalable due to being SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and cmi5 compliant. They can be deployed on your company’s LMS for easy and quick distribution among learners.

Gamification is a great tool for incorporating social learning and collaborative elements into courses. With the use of team challenges, leaderboards, guilds, etc., it involves entire learner communities. It encourages healthy competition and teamwork, increasing learners’ motivation to learn and participate. This eliminates the often-solitary nature of eLearning, increasing learner engagement.

Feedback loops are an essential element of gamification. For each input, learners get feedback. This can be leveraged to increase motivation, incorporate knowledge checks, and create smooth and interesting learning sequences. Additionally, feedback loops are important for keeping track of scores, collectibles, etc. Through these feedback loops, gamification creates highly engaging learning experiences where learners receive consistent communication from the learning program.

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