This case study is about a leading body of experts in the field of circular economy and their needs for designing bundles of bespoke multimodal eLearning courses for virtual certification programs for adult learners.

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About the Client

The client is a partnership of expert bodies and individuals in the discipline of circular economy based in Europe. They function as a multi-disciplinary and dynamic team to aid and educate students, employees, managers, and leaders about circular economy principles and their implementation.

They do so primarily through comprehensive virtual certification courses that are tailor-made for different levels of expertise and experience. Their team is immensely passionate about enlightening businesses and individuals about the benefits of circularity so as to build a more sustainable and efficient market.

Their certification courses equip learners with theoretical knowledge, as well as practical skills and resources for them to participate in and contribute to a circular economy. The courses are backed by robust research that has developed as a result of the years of time and effort their panel of experts has put into the subject matter.

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Custom eLearning Courses

They empower learners to take concrete steps at the organizational, regional, and international level and educate them on how to make the most of legislative, policy-related, and international provisions for circularity.

All in all, they are dedicated to help their learners grow professionally while also enabling them to leave a larger impact on the world around them.

The Relationship

Our alliance with the client began when they approached us to design and develop e-learning modules for their certificate courses.

After experiencing the quality of work Learning Everest provides at competitive prices and shorter timeframes, they decided to stick with us. They were also very pleased with our ability to handle their rich and technical content meaningfully and executing the vision they had for these courses from an aesthetic standpoint.

The Client’s Requirement

The client partnered with us for the long term to adapt their certificate course readings into e-learning modules so they could offer their certifications to a larger audience and give their learners two different modes to study from.

Given the complexity of the subject matter, it was imperative that learners received multimodal learning that would reinforce key concepts effectively.

They wanted each course to be highly interactive and engaging. Additionally, the client had a very clear vision for the design and aesthetic of the courses, drawing inspiration from science and nature documentaries and photojournalism.

They also wanted their courses to have a voiceover so learners get a thorough and expansive understanding of the information presented.

The Solution

Presenting the complex content in a digestible and consumable manner without watering it down too much was our main priority. At the same time, interactivity was a must-have for this bundle of courses. Thus, the course was designed on a clean and minimal template that allowed the main content to take center stage, no matter the treatment given to it.

Learning Everest won a Gold and Silver Awards at Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2023 for these courses.

Utilizing space efficiently was an important aspect of the course design to give learners a multimodal learning experience throughout and keep them engaged without cluttering the interface. A blend of text and multimedia elements was used on each screen to achieve this. These included:

  • Images
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Videos
  • Dynamic backgrounds
  • Charts
  • Tables

Apart from this, the content was distributed using clear visual hierarchies and the placement of elements was kept consistent.

To add another layer of dynamism and movement to the content, loading animations and timelines were utilized to prevent monotony and reduce the cognitive load.

The next strategy used to cut through the large volume of content was through interactivities. All deliverables for this client were structured multi-hour learning courses and thus, interactivity was essential to keep learners engaged and prevent content overload. Hence, longer sections were broken down using branching, sub-menus, tab interactions, sliders, drop-down tags, click-and-reveal actions, etc.

The last major approach used was gamification. Gamification achieved two targets – demonstrating how the core concepts of the lesson can be applied in the real world and creating internal motivation in learners to meaningfully engage with the course. The gamified elements were incorporated into knowledge checks which included MCQ-based quiz questions. Each course had a unique prompt with a story to it, and by getting the quiz answers correct, they could accumulate scores to achieve the goal expressed in the prompt. For every narrative, there was a corresponding scoreboard and each scoreboard had a unique design and mechanics.

To ensure a perfect final product, all courses went through various rounds of thorough quality checks before being delivered.

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