This case study is about a two-day virtual instructor-led workshop on Instructional Designing for leading tobacco manufacturers’ L&D Professionals.

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About the Client

Our client is a leading international tobacco manufacturer. They emerged in the 1990s and have since expanded their services to 130 markets around the world. They operate globally in major developed and developing economies from America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. As of 2023, the client employs approximately 48,000 personnel.

The client’s portfolio boasts multiple world-renowned cigarette brands. However, they are also known for and dedicated to offering novel reduced-risk options to offer consumers more choices that pose a lesser threat to them and the environment.

The client is also committed to sustainability in their supply chains and production processes. They try to remain environmentally responsible, use renewable energy, have actively reduced their GHG emissions, and have environmental protocols and policies in place.

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The Relationship

Learning Everest collaborated with the client when they approached with a request for a virtual instructor-led workshop for their L&D functional specialists. Our expertise in designing and developing successful end-to-end eLearning solutions for multiple industries combined with our experience in learning consultancy for organizations made them choose us as their partners on this journey towards better organizational L&D.

The Client’s Requirement

The client’s primary requirement was to arrange a virtual instructor-led workshop on instructional designing for their L&D functional specialists. The target learners were a diverse global audience from their different global offices, with varying years of experience in their field, from novices to seasoned veterans.

The training’s purpose was to enhance the functional specialists’ conceptual knowledge of basic concepts, best practices, and project flows typically seen when designing and developing a training intervention.

The Solution

After understanding the client’s challenges and needs, Learning Everest proposed a customized curriculum for them. They were satisfied with the training program we had chalked out, after which, Learning Everest curated and facilitated a 2-day virtual instructor-led workshop on instructional designing for the client.

The curriculum was thorough and extensive, both in theory and practical knowledge. Essential instructional designing models, frameworks, best practices, and solutions were all incorporated into the course material.

The key learnings included how to design a complete learning intervention roadmap using synchronous, asynchronous, and blended approaches. Additionally, learners were taught the curriculum development triad to help them hone a sophisticated instructional design approach in their business. They were also trained in a step-by-step approach to effective storyboarding.

Throughout the workshop, theoretical learning was richly supplemented and enhanced by industry examples and hands-on practice activities to give learners tangible experience and build their confidence in the conceptual knowledge they were learning. Workshop knowledge and experience were further supplemented by assignments which were evaluated by the facilitators. Furthermore, all learners were given individual, personalized feedback, guidance, and input about their assignments.

To test the workshop’s effectiveness, a pre-test and post-test were conducted. In the post-test, a 105% improvement in the learners’ scores was seen.

Overall, all participants enjoyed the workshop and found it very practical and meaningful.

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