This case study is about Nigerian limited-liability liquid natural gas (LNG) company and how used eLearning courses to upskill their employees on the topic of Reliability Engineering.

About the Client

The client is a Nigerian limited-liability liquid natural gas (LNG) company that started as a project in the 1970s and finally came to fruition in the 1980s. Over the years, the company has become one of Nigeria’s largest producers of LNG.

As in 2023, the client has one plant with 6 LNG trains capable of producing 3-4 million tons of LNG per year. At its present capacity, the plant yields 22 mtpa (million tons per annum) of LNG and 5 mtpa of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL).

The LNG and NGL produced in the plants are exported. The client’s LNG supply accounts for 7% of the total global supply. In 2015, within the first 15 years of operation, the client’s LNG exports reached the threshold of US$ 85 billion.

Apart from LNG and NGL, the business supplies LPG to the domestic Nigerian market with the promise of availability and affordability. Domestic LNG supply has become an area of growth for the business, one that they have since tapped into for further business prosperity.

The next step for the client is plant expansion to increase their supply of LNG, NGLs, and LPG.

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The Relationship

The client picked Learning Everest as their eLearning partner due to the quality of services offered at competitive prices. Apart from the quality and affordability of the services, they also wanted an eLearning partner with the right expertise to quickly design and produce multi-hour courses consisting of multiple modules.

The Client’s Requirement

The project involved designing and developing a multi-hour, multi-module eLearning course for reliability engineering. The client wanted the course to be interactive, engaging, and impactful. They also required knowledge checks and quizzes that could determine how well the learners had grasped the concepts. The subject matter of this course related to measuring reliability and was meant for engineers and maintenance staff. Due to the long course duration, the client also wanted the learners to be able to pick up the course where they left off so they could complete it in convenient sessions.

The Solution

Learning Everest developed a solution that had the following features:

• A pre-test with randomized questions from a question bank to measure learners’ performance before taking the course
• A post-test with randomized questions to measure learning outcomes
• A structured pre-defined learning pathway to ensure the learners progressed through each module in the appropriate learning sequence
• Limited navigation within the modules to ensure the learning was linear
• Non-graded knowledge checks after the completion of sub-topics to reinforce learning
• A variety of fictional facilitators from Articulate Storyline 360’s assets that were present throughout the course, from theoretical sections to the knowledge checks and quizzes

The post-test scores were recorded in the client’s LMS, which let them determine which employees successfully completed training and which ones needed to re-do it or required further assistance. Additionally, the facilitators portrayed black people to ensure the course was a relatable experience for learners, which would help them connect more deeply with the content.

The client was satisfied with the final product and the course went live on their LMS soon after it was delivered to them.

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