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The Purpose of Training for Employees and Organizations

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In today’s organizations, the purpose of training is to maintain a skilled workforce for maximum productivity. Training plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of businesses and is an important factor for achieving tangible outcomes. However, the purpose behind training is often looked at from a one-sided lens. This article will explore what training means for learners and businesses. Additionally, it will also cover different types of training organizations can implement to achieve specific goals.

Online Sales Training: Types, Strategies, and Benefits

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In recent years, businesses have shifted to online sales training over in-person training due to its flexibility and scalability. With eLearning’s increasing ubiquity, this trend is only expected to rise in the coming years. However, apart from its convenient benefits, online sales training is also effective, enabling sales teams to deliver 23.2% higher pipeline than teams that received other forms of training or no training at all (Corporate Visions, 2019). This article will walk you through the types, benefits, and some tips for online sales training so you can make the most out of its advantages.

How can you integrate scenario-based learning into your customer service training modules?

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If you are thinking about adding scenario-based learning to your customer service training sessions but need help with how to do this, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will take over a simple model to guide your planning of a scenario for your training course. But what is this scenario-based training? And how can you use this for customer service training programs? Let us discuss this first!

3 Ways to Use Microlearning for Sales and Marketing Training

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Do you know that you should use microlearning for sales and marketing training? Corporates must provide regular sales and marketing training to their workforce to ensure that their sales and marketing team learns something new, upskill themselves with the latest details on products, services, and recent changes in the industry, and move forward in the market. As sales and marketing teams are often on the move with busy schedules, they need to have the latest data on products and services easily available to them. Microlearning can provide this quickly and effectively. This blog will discuss microlearning and how to use microlearning for sales and marketing training courses.

9 Guidelines Instructional Designers Must Follow Before Designing Sales and Marketing Training Module

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Have you ever wanted to use custom eLearning development programs to provide comprehensive and customized sales and marketing training to your employees so that you can improve employee engagement?

8 Ways to Increase the Completion Rates of Sales and Marketing Training

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Do you want to increase the completion rates of sales and marketing training? How do you get more employees to finish your sales and marketing training course and get the maximum value from it? In this blog, we will share a few ways to increase their course completion rates. Let us get started.

Create Interactive Sales and Marketing Training Content – 4 Simple Tips

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Interactive sales and marketing training content make the employees engaged in a training program. When the employees find the training content interesting, they are more likely to retain the skill and information. But how can you make sales and marketing training content interactive? In this blog, we will discuss a few common strategies to make interactive sales and marketing training content. 

10 Critical Tips while Developing eLearning for Remote Sales Teams

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With the rapid shift to remote work, sales teams have had to adapt their training methods to effectively develop the skills and knowledge of their remote sales force. eLearning has emerged as a powerful tool to provide remote sales teams with the training they need to succeed. In this article, we will explore ten valuable tips to consider when developing eLearning for remote sales teams.

8 Constraints Sales and Marketing Training face

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Sales and marketing training programs are a proven way to maximize results and support customers. Training your sales and marketing team is not optional if you want to consistently beat your sales goals and develop a high-performing workforce. Therefore, it is important to create an effective sales and marketing training program for your team. You will need to be aware of some major constraints that can arise. Let us look at a few common challenges in detail.