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The Purpose of Training for Employees and Organizations

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In today’s organizations, the purpose of training is to maintain a skilled workforce for maximum productivity. Training plays a crucial role in the success and sustainability of businesses and is an important factor for achieving tangible outcomes. However, the purpose behind training is often looked at from a one-sided lens. This article will explore what training means for learners and businesses. Additionally, it will also cover different types of training organizations can implement to achieve specific goals.

Is Immersive Onboarding Beneficial for Recruiters?

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Immersive onboarding is the most contemporary attempt at polishing the employee onboarding experience. Rather than simply running new employees through a list of organizational policies or having them watch an animated training video, immersive onboarding integrates eLearning, hands-on exercises, and face-to-face interactions into a cohesive program. For recruiters, immersive onboarding helps them to connect with new employees more. So, let us look at some benefits and strategies for immersive employee onboarding.

How Can I Improve Employee Retention with Higher Employee Engagement?

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Enhancing employee retention and engagement are vital elements for achieving success in any business. Engaged employees prove to be more productive, innovative, and loyal, ultimately resulting in favorable outcomes for the company.

11 Strategies to Retain New Employees for a Long Time with Effective Onboarding

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Need to retain new employees effectively? Organizations with a standardized onboarding program experience 62% greater new employee productivity and 50% greater new employee retention. If you want to retain employees, ensure that a new employee’s organizational, technical, and social needs are met. Here are a few areas where deliberate effort can help increase employees’ job satisfaction and improve your capability to hold onto valued employees during onboarding

4 Different Phases of Employee Onboarding: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Do you know that there are several phases of employee onboarding? While onboarding can vary depending on the organization or department, you can still divide it into basic stages. Hence, new employees always need to receive the attention they require at the right time. In this blog, we will discuss the phases of employee onboarding in detail. 

3 Tips for a Seamless Process Training Experience for New Recruits

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The onboarding stage is a crucial time for both new recruits and the businesses hiring them. While employees are figuring out the company’s culture and other office-related norms, their main responsibility is to get a hang of their daily duties. One way to make this transition smoother is to build a seamless process training experience for your new employees. In this article, you will find 3 tips to upgrade your process training programs to offer a better onboarding experience to newly hired staff.

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence in Business Environment

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Are you aware of the organizational benefits of cultural intelligence? Nowadays, organizations hire a diverse workforce. When it sounds great sitting in a diversity workshop, it becomes equally difficult when it comes to dealing with day-to-day challenges. It all comes down to the cultural intelligence, also known as the Cultural Quotient (CQ) of the employees. In this article, we discuss the key benefits of cultural intelligence. 

5 Important Benefits of Scenario-based Learning

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In this article you will understand everything you need to know about scenario-based learning, including the types of scenario-based learning, what is a scenario and, benefits of scenario-based learning.

16 Great Leadership qualities in corporate that you need to excel

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Managerial and leadership skills are essential to excel in the corporate world. Whether you want to start your business or reach a higher position in the corporate world, you must know how to effectively lead and manage a group of people. Displaying leadership qualities involves having various skills and qualities that help you perform your job easier. The considerable skills a leader should possess include both hard and soft skills.