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Learning Everest is a leading eLearning company based out of Pune India. Our clients include corporate customers, universities, training, and eLearning companies. We are a one-stop solution to all your learning needs and are a committed and seasoned team of learning professionals who have worked for some of the finest companies in the world.

Creating a Culture of Learning: The Foundation of Effective Human Capital Management

2024-06-07T10:15:35+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives, Onboarding Training|

Creating a learning culture is fundamental to effective human capital management (HCM). It involves more than just providing training sessions or learning platforms; it’s about weaving continuous learning into the organization's very fabric. This approach enhances individual and organizational performance and fosters innovation, adaptability, and employee satisfaction. In this blog, you will learn how to cultivate this culture.

5 Tips to Incorporate Continuous Learning Using eLearning to Improve Performance Management

2024-04-03T13:18:39+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Culture, Learning Management System, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives|

Performance management is critical to organizational success, yet it often needs more attention. Continuous learning is the only solution. In the workspace, it ensures employees consistently gain and improve job-related skills. Its performance management component builds better managers. In this blog, we will help you discover how continuous learning through eLearning can address these issues and help your team fill personal performance gaps.

Implementing Agile Methodologies in Online Project Management Training

2024-04-11T10:57:49+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives|

Agile project management methodologies have emerged as a popular approach, offering flexibility, efficiency, and improved collaboration. This article explores the benefits and misconceptions of implementing agile methods in project management training programs. You’ll also find the steps to optimize your corporate eLearning project management process using an agile methodology.

Navigating Corporate E-Learning Through the Lens of Jean Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development

2024-04-03T13:18:28+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives|

Are you looking to elevate your corporate training strategies? Have you considered integrating psychological principles to enhance learning outcomes? What if the key to unlocking potential in your employees lies in understanding the cognitive stages developed by Jean Piaget?

Applying Adult Learning Principles to eLearning Courses

2024-06-12T19:04:14+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives|

Adult learning principles are an essential framework for designing effective courses for older learners. Proposed by Malcolm Knowles in the 1970s, adult learning principles have shaped training professionals’ understanding of their audience for decades. Also known as andragogy, adult learning principles are flexible and can be applied to various learning contexts. This article will give you some tips for applying adult learning principles to eLearning courses.

What is the Role of a Facilitation Guide in Your Instructor-Led Training?

2024-05-14T11:56:29+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs|

Have you ever wondered how you can make your traditional instructor-led training (ILTs) more effective so that the knowledge transfer remains consistent? You might know that the success of ILT sessions often hinges on the skillful facilitation of the instructor. Now, do you know that you can maximize the proficiency of your instructors using a facilitation guide? Now, what is a facilitation guide? Let’s dive deep to explore the vital importance of facilitation guides in instructor-led training and how they enhance the learning process.

What is the role of synchronous learning in remote corporate training?

2024-06-13T12:03:43+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Culture, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives|

In this blog, we delve deep into knowing what is synchronous learning and how you can leverage synchronous learning to train your remote employees. Let’s begin!

5 Critical Role of Feedback in Improving Learning Experience

2024-05-14T11:56:31+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives|

This blog will disclose how understanding the role of feedback and mastering the art of feedback can transform the learning experience, making learning an act of acquiring and a continuous loop of reflection, adaptation, and advancement.

The role of e-learning in the Performance improvement plan

2024-03-11T11:01:32+05:30Categories: eLearning, Learning Needs, Learning Styles and Objectives, Performance Support Tools (PST)|

In today’s modern corporate world, organizations are continuously seeking advanced strategies to deal with the improvement of employee performance and their overall productivity as an organization. One such avenue is the integration of e-learning methodologies into performance improvement plans. In this blog, we’ll delve into the role of e-learning in the performance improvement plan and the emerging trends and technologies in e-learning that can revolutionize traditional performance improvement plans and enhance the employee development process. Let’s begin!