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Nidhi A Gupta is the Founder and COO of Learning Everest Private Limited. With an experience of over 20 years, she specializes in Adult Learning, Teaching, eLearning, Instructional Designing and Digital Marketing. Her educational background equips her with a deep understanding of human psychology, which she utilizes to effectively guide teams towards crafting learning interventions that are engaging, effective and immersive, resulting in higher ROI for the training interventions. She, as a COO, plays an active role in the business strategy and operations.

Training Needs Analysis, A Must For Successful Training

2024-02-29T10:32:01+05:30Categories: Learning Needs|

Investing in training the employees is a wise decision taken by any management of an Organisation. The sooner they understand this fact, that the people are its best asset, the higher they would grow. But which all employees need the training, what type of training is needed by them, from where to source these trainings are some of the questions which need an answer.

Microlearning In Corporate Training – Need Of The Hour

2024-02-29T10:30:58+05:30Categories: Microlearning|

What is microlearning and why microlearning in corporate training is need of the hour? In today's world of digitalized lifestyle and mobile revolution, capturing people's attention has become a real task. According to the study by technology giant Microsoft, the attention span of people has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Attention span is directly linked to the skill to memorize the content for a longer time. For some years, there have been rounds about the average attention span of the learners. It is believed that the attention span is supposedly shrinking and has gone down to 8 seconds, lesser than that of a Goldfish, which is estimated to be 9 seconds.

Measuring eLearning ROI With Kirkpatrick Model Of Training Evaluation

2024-02-29T10:28:31+05:30Categories: eLearning|

No doubt, training program, and initiative's evaluation is a critical part of the company’s training design. Without it, Chief Learner Officers, Learning and Development Heads, Business Sponsorers, Instructional Designers, and other senior executives will fail to realize the true value of their programs, while understanding what needs to be eliminated, added, or improved. And thats where, measuring eLearning ROI with Kirkpatrick’s Model of Training Evaluation, comes handy.

How To Improve At Corporate Training Using Gamification In 8 Minutes

2024-02-29T10:23:23+05:30Categories: Gamification of Learning|

Gamification in corporate training, strange isn't it. Glancing at the title of this article, you could be a tad surprised to see the pairing of the two unorthodox terms ‘Corporate’ and ‘Gamification’ existing in the same breath of space. However, your eyes are not deceiving you, in any way. Corporate training using gamification is the need of the hour to keep the corporate learners invested in their work, by providing them with a breath of fresh air. But it always recommended that a thorough Training Needs Analysis is done before designing any intervention.

What is eLearning and does my organization need it?

2024-02-29T10:15:44+05:30Categories: eLearning|

What is eLearning, this is a question to which each one of us has our own answer as per our own experiences. In our lives sometime or the other, we have had a chance to go through one or the other form of eLearning. Be it in terms of a live online webinar, a systematic Moodle course or a course which we enrolled on any of the various learning platforms like- Lynda, Coursera, LinkedIn, Udemy or our very own omnipresent YouTube.