What is eLearning, this is a question to which each one of us has our own answer as per our own experiences. In our lives sometime or the other, we have had a chance to go through one or the other form of eLearning. Be it in terms of a live online webinar, a systematic Moodle course or a course which we enrolled on any of the various learning platforms like- Lynda, Coursera, LinkedIn, Udemy or our very own omnipresent YouTube.

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What is eLearning?

In simple terms, eLearning is, “learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet.” So, eLearning is a form of training or knowledge transfer using digital devices like computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc. using the internet. It makes learning far reached, as the learner can access the courses anytime, anywhere as per his or her convenience. Here are some of the samples of eLearning courses

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What all qualify to be an eLearning?

E-learning courses make use of several techniques-

  • Modules or courses with or without audio voice-overs
  • Videos and motion graphics
  • Discussions through social forums
  • Podcasts
  • Gamification
  • Real-time polling
  • MOOCs
  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT), such as webinars

E-learning courses can be accessed either through a local machine or through a server or they can even be published online through a learning management system (LMS).

Why do organizations use eLearning?

For organizations and employers, it is useful as it cuts down on the cost and time invested to train their employees spread across the globe. This leads to uniformity of instruction. eLearning enhances the scalability of the courses that is, without much fuss it can be taken by any number of users. Development of eLearning courses is a onetime investment.

Once the organizations get their training modules developed, they can just ask any number of employees to complete these training without any recurring costs of organizing the faculties and organizing the training venue, infrastructure, etc. again and again with each new joiner. Updating the courses or modules is quick and easy through eLearning development. Learners are also finding this concept of eLearning welcoming as they can enhance their knowledge at their own pace and as per their convenience. If needed a learner can take the course any number of time till he or she masters the concept.

Should I make use of eLearning development for my organization?

Should I make use of eLearning development for my organization?

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Should I make use of eLearning development for my organization?

When in doubt, ask the following questions to make sure whether you really want to get eLearning courses developed for your organization-

  1. What am I aiming to achieve for my organization and how the eLearning courses developed would help me achieve them?
  2. What behavioral changes do I want to see in my employees?
  3. Would I like to pay a onetime eLearning course development course, or would I like to pay each time I need to organize training for my employees?
  4. The topic or the content for which I need to provide the training, will be delivered effectively through a traditional classroom instructor-led training approach, through an eLearning course or through blended learning?
  5. Do I have the required infrastructure for running the eLearning courses for my employees?
  6. Would I like to get the course created and have a long-term solution to my training needs or would I like to keep on getting occupied for the arrangements of the trainings (availability of the faculty, availability of the venue, other arrangements needed for a physical training session etc.) that have to be organized throughout the year for the employees?
  7. Do my employees or learners need the training as and when they need it, or they should be provided the training as per the fixed schedules of the company?
  8. Am I willing to organize the training again and again if the employees or the learners wish to refresh their knowledge, or I would like to save myself from that botheration and provide them with a permanent solution, so that they can access their training as and when they need to refresh?

Once you answer these questions, it will be easier for you to come to an answer whether your company needs to get the eLearning courses developed or you wish to go ahead with the traditional methods of training.

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