With the growing trend of high dropout rate in eLearning courses resulting in low course completion rate, the eLearning experts are facing a challenge in retaining their learners till the end of the course.

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What is the need for Gamification of Learning?

It is the ever-decreasing attention span of a sparrow and the inability to motivate themselves that the learners drop out of the courses enrolled for. The solution to this problem lies in constant motivation, high level of interactivity and engagement on the part of the learners.

Who doesn’t like games? Since our childhood, we had been more interested in games than studies, right? But imagine yourself getting an opportunity to learn a new concept using games. Won’t you be excited to learn? That’s the logic behind gamification of learning i.e. to make the learner excited towards learning and giving him/ her an incentive to complete the content/ course or the module. Here is a sample of gamification of learning.

Level Up Your Learning with Gamified eLearning!

Bored with traditional training? Supercharge engagement with Gamified eLearning:

- Badges and Timers – for friendly competition.

- Interactive challenges & scenarios – for real-world application.

- Points & rewards – to motivate and track progress.

Gamified Learning

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Definition of Gamification

Gamification, according to Wikipedia, “is the application of game design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.” Gamification of learning presents the content to the learners in a fashion that is engaging, visually compelling and personalized.

Role of Instructional Designer in Gamification of Learning

An Instructional designer has to play a crucial role while designing the gamification part of the course as he/ she has to think from the perspective of a game designer and has to bring in the fun element. He/ she should try to include social sharing of the scores and results so as to bring in learner engagement. The ID should see to it that he/ she follows the maxim of easy to difficult while designing the path of the course. At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that the organizational goal is not lost during all this. eLearning Gamification also helps in eLearning Course Localization.

Gamification of Learning

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Gamification of Learning – Benefits

  1. Gamification of learning enables learners to rehearse real-life scenarios and challenges in a safe environment. For example, training for Trainee doctors on how to handle the patients during emergency situations is important but challenging training. Hence, for such cases, it’s advisable that game-based learning will give a better learning experience.
  2. It enables the learners to recall and retain the content learned for a longer time. That is the learner is able to register the learnings for a longer duration if he/ she has learned through gamification. Why? It’s simple because first, it captures and retains learner’s attention for a longer time and second, we have heard so many times, “I hear, forget, I see, I remember, I do, I understand”. This age-old adage holds true to date.
  3. Immediate feedback helps the learner to bring in desired changes in his/ her behavior. Gamification helps the learner to have instant feedback on his/ her choices and the learner faces instant ramifications of his/ her decisions thus making the learner understand quickly what is appropriate for him/her.
  4. Gamification can be applied for any type of course/ content for better learning. It can be used for induction and onboarding, product sales, customer support, soft skills, awareness creation, and compliance.

So, gamification will always be on the favorite list of any learner as it challenges them, engages them, entertains them and last but not the least it teaches them in an interesting manner what they would have otherwise been forced to learn in a boring, mundane fashion.

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