About These Mobile Learning Courses

Most of the times, we are on the go. But moving around should not hamper our learning. Mobile learning courses are designed keeping the needs of such learners. These interactive courses are responsive in nature. So, if you are taking the course on a phone, tablet or computer, the content re-orients itself so as to align to the available screen space. Also, these courses are platform independent. You can take them on an iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and you will have similar experiences.

Here is a list of off-the-shelf mobile learning courses that you can immediately deploy on your LMS.


S.No. Course No. Category Name of the course
1 ML_CS_001 Customer Success and Service Soliciting and Responding to Customer Feedback
2 ML_CS_002 Customer Success and Service Managing a Successful Contact Center
3 ML_CS_003 Customer Success and Service Cultural Sensitivity in Customer Service
4 ML_CS_004 Customer Success and Service Managing a Customer Service Team
5 ML_CS_005 Customer Success and Service Customer Communication Essentials
6 ML_CS_006 Customer Success and Service Working With Upset Customers
7 ML_CS_007 Customer Success and Service Optimizing Customer Communication Across Channels
8 ML_CS_008 Customer Success and Service Handling Difficult Customer Service Scenarios
9 ML_CS_009 Customer Success and Service Customer Service Skills
10 ML_CS_010 Customer Success and Service Customer Service Fundamentals
11 ML_CS_011 Customer Success and Service Do You Have These Four Essential Customer Service Skills?
12 ML_CP_001 Compliance Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
13 ML_CP_002 Compliance Are You Prepared to Weather the Storm?
14 ML_CP_003 Compliance Construction Safety 101
15 ML_CP_004 Compliance How to Avoid a Conflict of Interest
16 ML_DEI_001 Diversity and Inclusion Power and Pride: The Origins of Pride Month
17 ML_DEI_002 Diversity and Inclusion Beyond Pride: Year-Round Action
18 ML_DEI_003 Diversity and Inclusion How to Be an Ally for Diversity and Inclusion
19 ML_DEI_004 Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Basics: Foundations
20 ML_DEI_005 Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Basics: Taking Action
21 ML_DEI_006 Diversity and Inclusion How to Recognize and Overcome Bias—Featuring Bestselling Author Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt
22 ML_DEI_007 Diversity and Inclusion How to Avoid Bias in Talent Recruiting and Retention
23 ML_DEI_008 Diversity and Inclusion Creating Social Change: A Guide for Everyday Citizens
24 ML_DEI_009 Diversity and Inclusion Cultivating Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Work
25 ML_DEI_010 Diversity and Inclusion Working Across Cultures
26 ML_DEI_011 Diversity and Inclusion Jennifer Eberhardt on Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do
27 ML_DEI_012 Diversity and Inclusion Zachary Wood on Having Uncomfortable Conversations About Sensitive Issues
28 ML_HW_001 Health and Wellness COVID-19: What You Need to Know
29 ML_HW_002 Health and Wellness Answering Common COVID-19 Vaccine Questions
30 ML_HW_003 Health and Wellness Shankar Vedantam on the Hidden Benefits of Delusion
31 ML_HW_004 Health and Wellness Retirement Planning for Every Stage of Life
32 ML_HW_005 Health and Wellness Coping With Stress and Uncertainty During COVID-19
33 ML_HW_006 Health and Wellness COVID-19 The Fight Continues
34 ML_HW_007 Health and Wellness How to Create an Employee Wellness Program: A Step-by-Step Guide
35 ML_HW_008 Health and Wellness Impostor Syndrome: What It Is and How to Overcome It
36 ML_HW_009 Health and Wellness Dealing With Stress, Pressure, and Burnout
37 ML_HW_010 Health and Wellness Dr. Ethan Kross on Harnessing the Chatter in Our Minds for Good
38 ML_HW_011 Health and Wellness Harnessing Emotions in the Workplace With Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy
39 ML_HW_012 Health and Wellness Coping With Workplace Change
40 ML_HW_013 Health and Wellness Beating Burnout: Spot the Symptoms and Take Action
41 ML_HW_014 Health and Wellness 7 Go-to Strategies to Tame Stress
42 ML_HW_015 Health and Wellness Good Stress? Embracing Eustress to Improve Your Life
43 ML_HW_016 Health and Wellness The Basics of Managing Stress
44 ML_HW_017 Health and Wellness Alex Hutchinson on Endurance
45 ML_HW_018 Health and Wellness Daniel Levitin on Reenvisioning the Aging Process
46 ML_HW_019 Health and Wellness Dr. Vivek Murthy on the Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World
47 ML_HR_001 Human Resources Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Managers
48 ML_HR_002 Human Resources 7 Types of Interviews and When to Use Them
49 ML_HR_003 Human Resources Getting Started in Human Resources
50 ML_HR_004 Human Resources How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview
51 ML_HR_005 Human Resources How to Attract and Retain Top Talent
52 ML_HR_006 Human Resources A Guide to Workplace Integrity
53 ML_HR_007 Human Resources Doing the Right Thing: A Guide to Good Business Ethics
54 ML_HR_008 Human Resources Dealing With a Problem at Work? When and How to Involve HR
55 ML_HR_009 Human Resources Driving Your Career
56 ML_IT_001 Information Technology Search Engine Optimization
57 ML_IT_002 Information Technology How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks
58 ML_IT_003 Information Technology Online Security Fundamentals
59 ML_IT_004 Information Technology What Is Social Engineering?
60 ML_IT_005 Information Technology How to Protect Your Data
61 ML_LS_001 Leadership Elena Botelho on the Secrets to Career Success
62 ML_LS_002 Leadership Becoming the Boss: A Guide for New Managers
63 ML_LS_003 Leadership Develop a Thriving Team
64 ML_LS_004 Leadership Motivating Your Team
65 ML_LS_005 Leadership Transitioning to Remote Work
66 ML_LS_006 Leadership How Great Leaders Solve Problems
67 ML_LS_007 Leadership Leading With Emotional Intelligence
68 ML_LS_008 Leadership The Four Stages of Team Development
69 ML_LS_009 Leadership How to Be an Ethical Leader
70 ML_LS_010 Leadership A Blueprint for Effective Workplace Leadership
71 ML_LS_011 Leadership Leading Through Difficult Times
72 ML_LS_012 Leadership Fostering Fearless and Resilient Teams—Featuring Bestselling Author Mollie West Duffy
73 ML_LS_013 Leadership Crisis Management
74 ML_LS_014 Leadership Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans on Redefining Power in a Hyper-Connected World
75 ML_LS_015 Leadership Letting an Employee Go Gracefully
76 ML_LS_016 Leadership A Guide to Mentoring Others
77 ML_LS_017 Leadership Resolving Conflict
78 ML_LS_018 Leadership Effective Feedback Strategies
79 ML_LS_019 Leadership 5 Leadership Styles to Influence a Team
80 ML_LS_020 Leadership Overcoming Common Challenges of Remote Managers
81 ML_LS_021 Leadership A Guide to Managing Remote Teams
82 ML_LS_022 Leadership A Guide to Navigating Team Dynamics
83 ML_LS_023 Leadership Performance Management
84 ML_LS_024 Leadership The Secrets of Skilled Delegation
85 ML_LS_025 Leadership Create an Enviable Team Culture
86 ML_LS_026 Leadership Introduction to Team Management
87 ML_LS_027 Leadership Safi Bahcall on Nurturing the Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries
88 ML_LS_028 Leadership Daniel Coyle on the Secrets of Highly Successful Groups
89 ML_LS_029 Leadership A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Team Conflict
90 ML_LS_030 Leadership A Guide to Effective Meetings
91 ML_PD_001 Personal Development Daniel Pink on the Benefits of Regret
92 ML_PD_002 Personal Development Chip Heath on Making Numbers Count
93 ML_PD_003 Personal Development Ayelet Fishbach on Getting It Done
94 ML_PD_004 Personal Development Paul Bloom on Finding Meaning and Pleasure Through Suffering
95 ML_PD_005 Personal Development Bradley Staats on How to Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive
96 ML_PD_006 Personal Development Katy Milkman on How to Change for the Better
97 ML_PD_007 Personal Development Rutger Bregman Offers a Hopeful History of Humankind
98 ML_PD_008 Personal Development Amanda Ripley on Why We Get Trapped in Conflict and How We Get Out
99 ML_PD_009 Personal Development Scheduling 101: How to Prioritize Tasks and Avoid Procrastination
100 ML_PD_010 Personal Development How to Get Noticed at Work
101 ML_PD_011 Personal Development 4 Ways to Add Value and Earn a Raise at Work
102 ML_PD_012 Personal Development Time to Find a New Job? Here’s How
103 ML_PD_013 Personal Development Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett With Seven and a Half Lesson About the Brain
104 ML_PD_014 Personal Development Setting Goals That Actually Work
105 ML_PD_015 Personal Development 5 Career Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them
106 ML_PD_016 Personal Development Feeling Unmotivated at Work? Common Causes and Tips to Increase Motivation
107 ML_PD_017 Personal Development James Suzman on What Hunter-Gatherer Societies Teach Us About Work, Time, and Well-Being
108 ML_PD_018 Personal Development Shellye Archambeau on Being Unapologetically Ambitious
109 ML_PD_019 Personal Development 4 Personality Types That Suffer From Chronic Lateness
110 ML_PD_020 Personal Development Time Management Essentials
111 ML_PD_021 Personal Development How to Land Your Dream Job
112 ML_PD_022 Personal Development How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure
113 ML_PD_023 Personal Development Assessing Your Strengths, Interests, and Values
114 ML_PD_024 Personal Development Wendy Wood on Good Habits, Bad Habits
115 ML_PD_025 Personal Development Daniel Pink on the Science of Perfect Timing
116 ML_PD_026 Personal Development David Epstein on Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World
117 ML_PD_027 Personal Development Unsolved Mystery: The Case of Amelia Earhart
118 ML_PD_028 Personal Development Janelle Shane on the Realities of Artificial Intelligence
119 ML_PS_001 Professional Skills Advanced Problem-Solving
120 ML_PS_002 Professional Skills Creating and Delivering Business Presentations
121 ML_PS_003 Professional Skills Leading Through Change
122 ML_PS_004 Professional Skills Kate Murphy on the Science of Effective Listening
123 ML_PS_005 Professional Skills A Guide to Workplace Professionalism
124 ML_PS_006 Professional Skills 6 Tips for Successful Peer-to-Peer Training
125 ML_PS_007 Professional Skills The Complete Guide for New Professionals
126 ML_PS_008 Professional Skills The Art of Managing Up
127 ML_PS_009 Professional Skills The Remote Work Survival Guide
128 ML_PS_010 Professional Skills Problem-Solving Fundamentals
129 ML_PS_011 Professional Skills Common Workplace Challenges and How to Handle Them
130 ML_PS_012 Professional Skills Business Writing Fundamentals
131 ML_PS_013 Professional Skills Do’s and Don’ts After Losing Your Job
132 ML_PS_014 Professional Skills A Step-by-Step Guide to Problem-Solving
133 ML_PS_015 Professional Skills Improving Your Project Management Skills
134 ML_PS_016 Professional Skills Change Management for Project Managers
135 ML_PS_017 Professional Skills 5 Strategies for Managing Scope
136 ML_PS_018 Professional Skills Project Management Scheduling
137 ML_PS_019 Professional Skills Getting Started With Project Management
138 ML_PS_020 Professional Skills Coming Back From a Big Workplace Mistake
139 ML_PS_021 Professional Skills A Guide to Empathy at Work
140 ML_PS_022 Professional Skills How to Improve Your Focus at Work
141 ML_PS_023 Professional Skills Guide to Negotiation and Persuasion
142 ML_PS_024 Professional Skills Master the Art of Verbal Communication
143 ML_PS_025 Professional Skills Improve Your Business Writing Skills
144 ML_PS_026 Professional Skills Write Like a Boss
145 ML_PS_027 Professional Skills Communication Fundamentals
146 ML_PS_028 Professional Skills Steven Johnson on Farsighted Decisions
147 ML_PS_029 Professional Skills How to Build Better Relationships With Your Boss and Coworkers
148 ML_PS_030 Professional Skills Time Management
149 ML_PS_031 Professional Skills Resolving Conflict With Coworkers
150 ML_PS_032 Professional Skills Giving Effective Feedback
151 ML_PS_033 Professional Skills Developing a Growth Mindset
152 ML_PS_034 Professional Skills When to Ask Your Boss for Help
153 ML_PS_035 Professional Skills Receiving and Seeking Feedback
154 ML_PS_036 Professional Skills Overcoming Procrastination
155 ML_PS_037 Professional Skills How to Have a Difficult Conversation
156 ML_PS_038 Professional Skills Project Management 101
157 ML_PS_039 Professional Skills Workplace Communication Basics
158 ML_PS_040 Professional Skills Workplace Distractions: How to Avoid Common Time-Wasting Traps
159 ML_PS_041 Professional Skills Mastering Project Management Frameworks
160 ML_PS_042 Professional Skills Take Control of Your Future: Career Development 101
161 ML_PS_043 Professional Skills Developing and Maintaining a Professional Network
162 ML_PS_044 Professional Skills Maria Konnikova on Poker, Decision-Making, and Human Psychology
163 ML_PS_045 Professional Skills Supercharging Your Career With the Help of a Mentor
164 ML_PS_046 Professional Skills How to Work Effectively With Different Communication Styles
165 ML_PS_047 Professional Skills Annie Murphy Paul on Thinking Outside the Brain
166 ML_PS_048 Professional Skills Secrets to Successful Reporting for Project Managers
167 ML_PS_049 Professional Skills Communication Strategies for Project Managers
168 ML_SM_001 Sales and Marketing How to Develop Winning Product Pages and Descriptions
169 ML_SM_002 Sales and Marketing Getting Started With Marketing Analytics
170 ML_SM_003 Sales and Marketing Website Marketing
171 ML_SM_004 Sales and Marketing A Guide to Content Marketing: Developing Your Strategy and Crafting Compelling Content
172 ML_SM_005 Sales and Marketing A Quick Guide to Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy
173 ML_SM_006 Sales and Marketing Product Marketing Fundamentals
174 ML_SM_007 Sales and Marketing Optimizing Your Images for SEO
175 ML_SM_008 Sales and Marketing Marketing Fundamentals: Your Getting Started Guide
176 ML_SM_009 Sales and Marketing Your Comprehensive Email Marketing Guide
177 ML_SM_010 Sales and Marketing Customer and Market Research
178 ML_SM_011 Sales and Marketing A Guide to Brand Identity and Strategy
179 ML_SM_012 Sales and Marketing Managing a Sales Team
180 ML_SM_013 Sales and Marketing An Introduction to Sales Enablement
181 ML_SM_014 Sales and Marketing Connecting With Your Audience
182 ML_SM_015 Sales and Marketing Build the Ultimate Sales Presentation Slide Deck
183 ML_SM_016 Sales and Marketing Secrets to Winning Sales Presentations
184 ML_SM_017 Sales and Marketing Building Relationships in Sales
185 ML_SM_018 Sales and Marketing Sales Fundamentals
186 ML_SM_019 Sales and Marketing Expert Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections
187 ML_SM_020 Sales and Marketing Psychology Tips That Unlock Sales
188 ML_SM_021 Sales and Marketing Why People Buy: Boost Sales by Understanding Customers’ Needs
189 ML_SM_022 Sales and Marketing Closing the Deal: Negotiation Strategies to Increase Sales
190 ML_SM_023 Sales and Marketing The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Guide
191 ML_SM_024 Sales and Marketing How to Handle Objections: Getting Customers to Say, “Yes!”