Are you aware of the myths about performance support tools? Do you also wonder whether they can be beneficial for your organization? In this article, we’ll debunk several popular myths about performance support tools and shed light on the actual benefits.

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7 Common Myths about Performance Support Tools

The first myth about performance support tools is that they are just another form of training.

Reality: Performance support tools offer just-in-time assistance to help employees transfer their knowledge into practice.

Unlike traditional training, which is often time-consuming and requires intensive sessions, performance support tools provide quick and targeted support when employees face challenges or need specific information to complete tasks effectively.

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The second myth is that performance support tools are only for new joiners.

Reality: Performance support tools are valuable resources for both new joiners and seasoned professionals.

While new employees can benefit from performance support tools by accessing guidance and information as they learn the ropes, experienced employees can leverage these tools to stay updated on new processes, tools, or systems. Performance support tools promote continuous learning and upskilling, enabling employees to access the latest information and best practices, regardless of their experience level.

The third myth goes like this: performance support tools are not good for knowledge retention.

Reality: By using performance support tools, employees can reinforce their knowledge, apply it in real time, and retain information through practical application.

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Some may argue that relying on performance support tools instead of memorizing information may hamper knowledge retention. However, study suggests that learning is more effective when it is contextual and can be applied directly to tasks. Performance support tools align with this approach by providing just-in-time guidance. It ensures employees have access to relevant information at the moment of need.

Performance support tools are complex and difficult to implement is another myth about performance support tools.

Reality: Performance support tools are designed to focus on simplicity.

Though some performance support tools require initial setup and customization, they are generally easy to implement. Today, there are user-friendly social learning platforms, mobile apps, and web-based tools that need basic technical skills. Performance support tools ensure that employees can easily access the information they need without unnecessary complexities.

Another common myth is that performance support tools replace the need for human interaction and training.

Reality: Performance support tools are not intended to replace human interaction or traditional training programs.

While performance support tools provide on-demand support, they cannot entirely replace the value of face-to-face interactions, mentoring, or training programs. Again, they are not a substitute for training but rather a complement that supports knowledge application. Instead, performance support tools empower employees to independently find the information they need, freeing up time for trainers and subject matter experts (SMEs) to focus on more strategic or complex aspects of learning and development.

Another myth suggests that performance support tools are too expensive

Reality: Performance support tools make the complete training process cost-effective and increase ROI.

Performance support tools are a once-investment-multiple-benefits product. The end product offers a wide geographical reach without overhead investments or different trainers to meet employees’ learning needs. Think about the cost it saves of developing an appropriate training space with hardcover training materials and accessories.

According to another popular myth, performance support tools take a lot of time to develop

Performance support tools gained popularity because they are time and cost-efficient to develop. They can be software applications, checklists, infographics, or even instructional short videos. These can be easily developed in less time.


Myths about Performance Support Tools Infographic

To wrap up

As we debunk these common myths about performance support tools for you, we hope it will help your organization to recognize the true benefits of performance support tools. Take the time to develop a thoughtful approach to establish suitable performance support tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are performance support tools?

Performance support tools are resources that help employees perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. These tools can be in the form of software applications, job aids, checklists, infographics, or instructional videos.

What are four 4 performance support tools?

Four performance support tools are job aids, social learning platforms, video tutorials, and mobile apps.

What are the benefits of performance support tools?

By using performance support tools, employees can reinforce their knowledge, apply it in real-time, and retain information through practical application.

What is the role of a performance support manager?

The role of performance support is to ensure that every employee can benefit from performance support training.

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