This article on 9 Benefits of Performance Support Tools is intended for those who wants to implement Performance Support Tools at their organization. Employees know their job well, but sometimes, they can run into a problem and look for various sources for a solution – peers, superiors, documents, manuals, etc. What if they can find the right help with a few clicks on their smartphone or a computer? This kind of just-in-time learning aid, also known as Performance Support Tools (PSTs), can provide the required performance support and thus increase their efficiency.

What are Performance Support Tools (PSTs)?

Performance support tools are basically aids and resources that help employees do their tasks more efficiently and effectively. These tools can come in a written or digital format. They can be software applications, checklists, infographics, or even instructional short videos. They are a form of providing just-in-time training. That means they are available when it’s needed. They can be accessed easily from anywhere, anytime. Performance support tools can be used by organizations who wants to train their employees quickly. They are helpful in fast-paced work environments where employees need to be productive. Performance support tools are quite useful in almost all industries, including banking and insurance, airline, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc.

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What are the key benefits of Performance Support Tools (PSTs)?

Performance support tools are different from formal training. But they are not meant to replace but complement them. Performance support tools help the employees to apply the knowledge acquired in formal training. It is a well-known fact that the application of knowledge plays a significant role in the performance of employees, and performance support tools can effectively boost employee performance. Performance support tools can help employees to improve their performance as they:

Are Easy to Access

The training resources are short and targeted. Using performance support tools, all employees can enhance their performance instantly, even if they have limited time or are on the move. It can help remote employees access the required support at any time and within their workflow.

Provide Just-In-Time Updates

The key to grasping a new skill is concentrating only on the essential information required. With just-in-time training, this is possible. Performance support tools follow a just-in-time training approach. It is need-related. By using performance support tools, employees can reinforce their knowledge, apply it in real-time, and retain information through practical application.

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Increase Productivity

Compared to other conventional training approaches, this style of training using support tools has a higher likelihood of producing successful results. Employees always develop more extraordinary cognitive abilities than traditional learners. They gain better problem-solving skills. With performance support tools, employees can quickly find the support they need to complete tasks accurately. This leads to increased productivity across the organization.

Improve Performance

Performance support tools link training with improved performance. Because support tools are need-related. As a result, the employees perform better. They achieve higher job satisfaction. As a result, they increase the overall productivity of the organization.

Improve Knowledge Retention

Using performance support tools, employees retain the most crucial information for their jobs. It, therefore, reduces information overload.

Promote Continuous Learning

Performance support tools foster a culture of continuous learning and upskilling within organizations. Employees can access updated information, training materials, and resources through performance support tools, keeping them informed about new processes, technologies, or industry trends. Performance support tools promote self-directed learning and empower employees to acquire new skills, deepen their knowledge, and stay up-to-date with evolving job requirements, contributing to their professional growth and development.

Empower Employees

Performance support tools are easy to develop and add to existing courses to improve accuracy and relevance. That means that employees stay updated with the latest trends and best practices and can upskill at their jobs more efficiently. Also, using performance support tools allow employees to work with greater autonomy without disrupting the workflow.

Save Money

Implementing performance support tools can lead to cost savings for organizations. By reducing the need for extensive, time-consuming training programs, organizations can save on training expenses, such as instructor fees, travel costs, and dedicated training facilities. Additionally, performance support tools can help minimize errors and rework, leading to increased operational efficiency and cost savings in the long run.

Easy to Update

If the users want to add, delete, or update any information, they can make the necessary adjustments, which is easy and cheap, unlike traditional extended paper courses and training programs.

Despite the abovementioned advantages, the lack of personal one-on-one engagement with trained and qualified instructors throughout the classes might contribute to some employees’ lack of enthusiasm. Therefore, performance support tools should also adopt social learning principles. It can use discussion forums, live chats, breakout rooms, and FAQs to provide employees with instant feedback. It enables the ability to track and measure the impact the training have on the organization.


Benefits of Implementing Performance Support Tools Infographic

Benefits of Implementing Performance Support Tools Infographic


We hope this blog gave you reasons to opt for Performance Support Tools or PSTs. Want more insights on how you can use the power of Performance Support Tools or PSTs to enhance the impact of your corporate training? At Learning Everest, we can help you identify and develop PSTs to support your employees. Get in touch with us to get highly interactive performance support tools for your employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are performance support tools?

Performance support tools are resources that help employees perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. These tools can be in the form of software applications, job aids, checklists, infographics, or instructional videos.

What are four 4 performance support tools?

Four performance support tools are job aids, social learning platforms, video tutorials, and mobile apps.

What are the benefits of performance support tools?

By using performance support tools, employees can reinforce their knowledge, apply it in real-time, and retain information through practical application.

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