This elearning case study is about a leading Organizational, leadership, and Team Development Consulting Company and how they leveraged eLearning to increase their outreach by converting an Instructor-Led DEI Training!

About the Client

The client is a US-based consulting firm that specializes in organizational, leadership, and team development solutions. They are a group of experts from various disciplines who use their knowledge in the areas of organizational research, development, and training to offer customized solutions to companies to improve their overall business performance.

These tailored solutions are based on extensive research which is then used to build frameworks, theories, and methodologies to address the needs of the businesses they work with.

The business also offers some standard instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs for leaders and executives.

To maximize effectiveness, the client utilizes engaging training strategies that give their own clients a practical and interactive learning experience.

The Relationship

The client sought out Learning Everest due to our expertise in building highly engaging and interactive custom eLearning courses. Some added perks were our innovative solutions for content curation, competitive prices, openness to their ideas, willingness to execute their vision for the course they wanted, and quick turnaround times.

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Custom eLearning Solutions

The Client’s Requirement

The client enlisted our services to convert their instructor-led programs into eLearning modules. The content sought to build empathy and inclusive behaviors within organizational leaders in order to create safe and productive working environments.

The subject matter of the program was such that it required a high level of learner interaction and engagement. Additionally, there was the added but welcome challenge of adapting group and classroom activities into formats fit for self-paced eLearning without losing their essence and effectiveness.

The client’s ultimate goal with this eLearning module was to expand their offerings to a larger audience.

The Solution

The client wished to retain and adapt activities conducted in the instructor-led versions of this course in the eLearning program, as well. Thus, the project was kickstarted by developing a thorough understanding of all the activities to be included and their intention.

The challenge here was two-fold. Firstly, it was imperative that the essence of the activity and its takeaways did not radically change by switching formats. Secondly, to drive the point home, the learners needed opportunities to reflect upon their learnings.

At the same time, the overall course also needed to be presented in an engaging manner, a philosophy both the client and Learning Everest shared.
The solution we arrived at was to use the following highly interactive elements and treatments:

  • Instructor videos explaining concepts
  • Real-life scenarios to build empathy and demonstrate the impact of inclusion
  • A gamified card-sorting exercise to develop awareness
  • Tabs, sliders, click-and-reveal functionalities
  • Objective-type knowledge check questions

The most reflective element of the course, however, was the addition of a journal. Prompts from the instructor-led training were adapted into journaling prompts in the eLearning course. The journal was built into the course, eliminating the need for the learner to keep a physical note of their thoughts elsewhere. After each activity, learners were also given feedback to reinforce their learnings or explain the rationale behind a specific exercise.

The final product was a multi-hour learning module with interactive elements, gamification, and reflection activities to achieve high levels of immersion, retention, and effectiveness.

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