You might have heard of Microlearning, but are you aware of the microlearning benefits. Have you ever been to training, and you are completely zoned out within a few minutes of the session? Have you ever wished for a smart trainer who would deliver the gist in a short time in a fuzz-free manner? Have you ever discouraged investing in employee training because nothing seems to budge them? Rest assured, your prayers have been answered with a radical and revolutionary learning strategy called microlearning. Microlearning is nothing but the best-prescribed antidote to what is recognized as a Millennial learner's dilemma, coming from a very limited attention span, fast-lane lifestyle, and an irremediable obsession for technology. Microlearning has always been part and parcel of our daily life, and therefore, it is no strange thing to comprehend. Using YouTube to find a recipe, using google search and Duolingo app to learn languages are all part of microlearning in disguise. It is very obvious that the success of microlearning attributes to the unbelievable advent of Science and technology. Both kick-started almost in the same period as promising solution providers of the future.

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Microlearning Benefits – The Science

The efficacy of microlearning goes deep down into how our brain stores information forever. Our brain only converts information into long-term memory when given in smaller bits with adequate time to etch in and opportunities to recall the same. This makes the neural connections stronger and it is exactly what, microlearning takes advantage of. From its very beginning, microlearning has focused on delivering bite-size information with a single objective at a time with sufficient gaps of time for a longer retention period. It does this by a very sound implementation strategy, starting with piecemealing the content, brainstorming to optimize the objective, and pinning the appropriate microlearning techniques, which are usually enriched with useful media content. Microlearning also offers flexibility in time and space, viewing and skipping contents of choice to the learner. Microlearning has been tremendously successful in blurring the edges between working hours, the essential recess times, and the empowering training sessions.

Microlearning Made Mighty!

Transform your training with bite-sized, custom microlearning courses that:

- Target specific needs – laser focus, big impact.

- Boost knowledge retention – learn fast, remember longer.

- Fit any busy schedule – learn on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

- Recap and reinforce – nuggeted concepts and specific skills.

Microlearning Courses

Microlearning Benefits – Some Statistics

Moreover, microlearning has astounding statistical support to present its astounding adeptness in the e-Learning world. A journal in applied psychology has expressed the efficiency of microlearning in transferring knowledge by 17%. Research and other studies have observed a 50% increase in employees’ engagement during the microlearning period. To top it all off, according to renowned learning architect Ray Jimenez, microlearning reduces the development cost by 50% and, on the other side, increases the speed of development by a whopping 300%.

Microlearning Benefits – Sticking to one idea

All credit accounts for the strong underpins on which the microlearning foundation is laid. These underlying principles are sticking to one idea, which goes without much saying, offering the learner one concept to master, one change to execute, and one objective to fulfill. Engagement is yet another fundamental principle calling for meticulous planning and designing of the content to make the learners stay through the topic. It also emphasizes a cut to the chase principle, where it eliminates the unnecessary histories and background stories and keeps what is relevant. Since the fuzz is all about bite-sized content, sizing up the information smartly can be reckoned as a basal principle of microlearning. Personalized and user-friendly designs that render the freedom to choose the content, space, and time account for another cardinal microlearning principle.

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Microlearning Examples

Microlearning has a rich reservoir of techniques, lending plenty of choices in the types to choose from. Every kind of microlearning has been meticulously designed and developed to fulfill the best-suited outcome. One can find the simplest kind of microlearning as eBooks and PDFs. On the other hand, simulations are the most sophisticated microlearning experience. In between, one can also choose from various infographics, videos, quizzes, podcasts, flipbooks, GIFs to make learning more engaging.

Take, for example, the case of compliance training. It is no surprise that employees have little internal motivation to participate in such training. It is right here where microlearning comes in handy. Expressing the contents of compliance using various microlearning techniques, for instance, infographics to announce the company policies, storytelling to educate ethical policy, and flipbooks for quick references, can break the conventional preachy and boring format of compliance training.

Considering all these facts, it is apparent that microlearning is no one – size – fits all revolution. While gauging its drawbacks, undoubtedly, microlearning is no match for the conventional macrolearning technique delivering complex skills and hands-on job experience, besides the side role it can play for sure. It cannot contribute massively to analytical skills and cause & effect relationship studies. Despite its flaws here and there, we owe it a big-time as it has freed us from the long-winded old–school learning system, and therefore microlearning is undisputedly going to sit on top of the list of our choice, of the best learning strategies for the years to come.

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