Before we dive in to understand the advantages of rapid authoring tool and how it can improve the interactivity of eLearning courses, let us first understand what is a rapid authoring tool?

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What is a rapid authoring tool?

A rapid authoring tool is a software program that allows users to create eLearning content and courses using an integrated media collection and functionalities. One does not need to be a coder to use the tool. Instead, such a tool has in-built capabilities for templates, media, interactions, and analytics that the user can deploy for a smooth content creation experience. It helps to customize, update, and publish content, along with mechanisms to track user engagement.

The authoring tool facilitates the creation and distribution of a proper curriculum for eLearning. It helps learning and development experts (L&D) to design compelling and interactive eLearning experiences.  Some of the rapid authoring tools are Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, Lactora, and may more.

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Types of rapid authoring tools

There are three kinds of rapid authoring tools, 

  1. PowerPoint add-in: A plug-in is added to Microsoft PowerPoint. It is easy to use as it only requires conversing with the PowerPoint application. 
  1. Installed-based rapid authoring tool: This is a standalone software program that can be installed on your device. It has many features you can tweak to address the training course you are providing. 
  1. Cloud-based rapid authoring tool: It is a type of rapid authoring tool hosted on the net. It negates the need to install it on your device. You can access it online at any time. 

Advantages of rapid authoring tool

While there are many reasons for using content authoring tools, here are some of the best advantages:  

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  • Top-notch Quality – get the most effective courses designed by us.
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  • Superfast Delivery – that too faster than your desired delivery timelines.

Speeds up the content development process

A content authoring tool is quite beneficial in reducing development time. It helps save time extracting data, collecting media, creating layouts, managing digital assets, outsourcing tasks, etc. It features in-built themes, templates, and interactions that can easily integrate into the eLearning course design. 

Improve efficiency

The authoring tool provides effortless ways for stakeholders to collaborate on the same content, share ideas, review progress, and provide feedback for optimization that are ideal for streamlining and optimizing the overall process. Organizations consider the tool’s efficiency as one of the major contributors to a productive workflow.  

Increase learner engagement and participation

eLearning courses are easy to digest and are presented in small parts enabling engagement and fast absorption of the learning material. The tool helps the user break lengthy courses into digestible chunks of information. It also allows for interactive elements in the learning content, simultaneously making it highly relevant and engaging. This ensures stress-free learning in a time-pressed workplace.  

Enhances performance

Rapid authoring tool helps the learners to keep track of their performance. They create a training environment that helps learners access all the required course materials. Tracking performance is a useful feature that lets the learner make the necessary adjustments. This way, performance is boosted, and the learner enjoys a better learning experience. 


The tool can be standalone or a part of a learning management system (LMS). Either way, it is possible for the user to scale up their content production or expand their L&D programs. It is easier to manage the content development and implementation process, from tracking progress to maintaining coursework.  

Save time and money

Creating a new module with pieces of content, images, and graphs is cumbersome. The content authoring tool offers a wide range of templates, themes, interactivity, and elements that can save one’s time. Its user-friendly interface can help eLearning developers create multimedia content output faster. Using a rapid authoring tool enables the integration of other software through embedment. Therefore, the need to purchase any additional software is declined. The authoring tools enable the creation of short but engaging training content which is easy to understand and recall. 

Available to all

One of the main advantages of using an authoring tool is that it is accessible to any online course developer. Learners can also access any online course at any time. The rapid authoring tool creates effective and engaging eLearning courses for learners. 

Accessibility through various platforms

With the changing needs of learners, the use of platforms to access eLearning courses is also changing. Modern learners wish to access training courses anytime, without any hassle of going anywhere. HTML5-based courses are accessible on multiple platforms, such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.

The prime benefit of authoring tools is that content can be updated easily and aligned to the latest learning trends. This way, online courses are never archaic in terms of content included or technology used to upload courses on flexible learning platforms. 


5 Reasons of Choosing Rapid Authoring Tool for Employee Training - Infographics

5 Reasons of Choosing Rapid Authoring Tool for Employee Training – Infographics


With the right tool, organizations can produce exceptional learning experiences that impact learners and accelerate their learning process. Learning Everest will be a great fit for your L&D development team if you want to produce high-quality eLearning programs at scale. Our highly experienced team can enable you to design, develop, and deliver an impactful learning experience that will go a long way in developing your employees, ultimately driving business growth.

From content management and customization to project assessment, we at Learning Everest will help you create the right launchpad for the needs of your employees and the growth of your business. Schedule a meeting today to learn more about the features and benefits of using our content authoring tool.   

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