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What should product and service training for employees include? 

Product and service training for employees is an integral part of an organization’s success. Without value-adding product and service training, a sales team cannot reach the right consumers, and they will fail to answer the questions your clients are looking for. But, creating a comprehensive product and service training program can be daunting. Poor product and service training for employees can cause a great deal of loss to an organization, so it is necessary to review the program to ensure that employees receive effective product and service training. 

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Effective product and service training for employees must include, 

Product and service knowledge

Having your sales team understand the products sold and the services offered are critical for creating strong buyer relationships, building a brand reputation, and outperforming your competition. Equipping your team with excellent product and service knowledge will help your organization can: 

  1. Build a stronger relationship with clients: When your sales team gives customers accurate information about your products, they earn their trust. Knowledge of the product and service also makes clients believe they are dealing with experts and honest employees about what they do – making your company their favorite among competitors. 
  2. Improve sales: A deep understanding of product and service knowledge allows salespeople to customize their product and service offerings and suggestions to maximize customer satisfaction and upsells; it also allows them to give the prospect quickly and accurately what they need to make a call. 
  3. Improved customer experience: If your customer care representatives have in-depth product and service knowledge, they can help your clients quickly and promptly. Customers will not have to wait in line for the right person to recognize the issue, improving the customer experience. 

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Industry and customer knowledge

Clients no longer engage a marketing person for generalized information; they are looking for sales representatives who add expertise and value to their interaction. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of your industry and customers supports excellent product and service knowledge.

It would be best if you had more than training your sales teams about the specifics of your products and services; the training program needs to include aspects that give context to your products and services. Your sales team must have the answers to the following questions: How are your product and service being used by customers? What problem do your product and service solutions for the customer? Are there any new trends or changes in the industry? Here are a few ways to implement market and customer knowledge into your product and service training program:

  1. Allow the sales team the opportunity to spend time researching industry and market trends. 
  2. Ensure the training program includes not only who your ideal client is but also how your product and service solve their requirements – connect the client attributes to the product/service. 
  3. Create a communication space where potential clients can post key competitor feedback. 

Infusing industry and market knowledge in your product and service training help prepare your team for the customer’s needs. Being up to date on trends in the industry will also train employees to foresee possible changes that might alter the market. 

Competitor strength analysis:

Analyzing competitors’ strengths helps identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses and identify communication strategy adjustments you can make. Competitive analysis is a necessary research and planning process for companies wishing to expand their business. It helps you to view competitors’ product features compared to what you offer and create objectives to develop a more effective competitive marketing strategy.

After completing a competitor analysis, share the data with your sales team and implement it into your product and service training for employees. This will allow employees to see how your product and service stack up against competitors and create more specialized products and services, improving their chances of a sale. 

Create product and service statements

Once you understand your target audience, analyze competitors, and fine-tune your product and service knowledge, creating a clear statement to persuade customers for the final sale is time. A clear statement explains how your product and service solve customers’ problems or improve their situation, delivers specific benefits, and tells the ideal clients why they should buy from your organization and not from the competition.

A good product or service statement will communicate specific results customers need and explain how it is different and why it is better. While coming up with a product or service statement, be clear and concise so that it can be easily understood in 5 seconds, but most importantly, ensure to fulfill the promise. 


What should product and service training include

What should product and service training include


Now that we have discussed some of the top techniques you can apply to develop effective product and service training for employees, we hope it will help your organization’s overall training journey. But do you know a few other things that can also be included in product and service training for employees? Are they not listed here? We would love to hear your comments below if you have further questions or suggestions on effectively conducting employee product and service training! If you are an individual, you can take an eLearning course here.

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