This case study is about a DEI and social cause training provider in the Canada and US region and how they used Bespoke eLearning modules with scenario-based assessments for DEI Training.

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About the Client

The client is a DEI and social cause training provider with a mission to help businesses build more diverse, inclusive, and discrimination-free working environments that foster high performance and equity.

They offer custom and off-the-shelf DEI-based organizational training programs curated by a team of interdisciplinary subject matter experts. Each training program is built for maximum impact using interactive, engaging, and practical delivery strategies.

The company is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise founded in 2018 with a vision to prevent and reduce discrimination against minorities in workplaces by educating people.

The client has since worked with businesses around the world to aid them in their DEI efforts ranging from training and recruitment practices to diversity in the C-suite. Their trainings tackle the subjects of diversity, inclusion, sexism, racism, and more.

Their products have been used in various organizational development interventions in delivery formats ranging from e-learning to in-person talks and workshops.

Put Learning in Action with Scenario-based eLearning!

Tired of theoretical training? Immerse your learners in real-world situations with Scenario-based eLearning:

- Learn by doing – apply knowledge to realistic scenarios.

- Develop critical thinking – and decision-making skills.

- Boost knowledge retention – through practical application.

Scenario-based eLearning

The Relationship

The client and Learning Everest teamed for a project requiring the designing and development of eLearning courses on DEI training.

They picked our services because of the high quality we were offering within a shorter time and a more competitive price compared to other vendors in the market. We also were well-versed in developing impactful eLearning programs and understood the ins and outs of effective diversity training.

The Client’s Requirement

The client wanted us to design and develop DEI modules. These training programs were meant for various level including employees, executives, and board members alike. The topics included:

  • Sexual harassment training
  • Anti-racism training

Apart from being informative, the clients wanted their training modules to be interactive, engaging, and trackable. It was also essential to the client that learners gain actionable skills and insights through the training programs and understand the practical aspect of the concepts being introduced to them.

The Solution

Based on the client’s training material as well as requirements, we settled upon a highly interactive multi-modal learning experience.

Each program had several chapters and followed a structured learning path with menus and sub-menus. To make the courses impactful, the following multimedia and interactive elements were used:

  • Animated videos
  • Scenarios
  • Images
  • Voiceover
  • Click-and-reveal sections
  • Branching

To add practicality to these e-learning modules, static scenario-based assessments were used. These assessments had a rich cast of characters in scenarios carefully crafted to prompt learners to reflect and/or apply the concepts and ideas they were familiarized with during the course.

All three courses were also SCORM compliant, i.e., they could be hosted on compatible LMS where learners’ progress and completion rates could be tracked.

The client was satisfied with the end-product and were pleased with the treatment we gave to their content to make it practical and engaging.

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